Latest Update - The Leroy Coolbreeze Fund

Latest Update - The Leroy Coolbreeze Fund

Postby nancyrose on 06 Sep 2008 02:00

(Repeating this from the larger LC thread so it doesn't get lost in the mix....)

EQ's latest bump seems like a good time to bring you all some news about the Leroy Coolbreeze Fund for the Melanoma International Foundation.

Thanks to the generosity and kindness of this community, contributions to the Fund now total...drum roll, please...$5500! Even better, new donations continue being made each week, which is just awesome!

What a GREAT group of people!! You make me so proud to be part of you all!

Thanks so much to everyone, not just for your financial contributions, but also for your continued enthusiasm and support for this project during the past year! You all rock!
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Re: Latest Update - The Leroy Coolbreeze Fund

Postby IndyGirl on 06 Sep 2008 02:05

[quote="nancyrose"]Thanks to the generosity and kindness of this community, contributions to the Fund now total...drum roll, please...$5500! Even better, new donations continue being made each week, which is just awesome![/quote]

Wow, $5500 is great! People are so generous with their contributions. Thanks for the update, nancyrose.
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Postby policerule on 06 Sep 2008 04:44

Incredible. Thanks for keeping us updated on that, Nancy!
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Postby copeland_girl5 on 06 Sep 2008 10:16

Great to hear!!!! Thanks for the update Nancy. And thanks for everyone's support!

Everyone stay tuned in the months to come regarding the MIF walk in April 09. The "Friends of Leroy Coolbreeze" team will be at it again. Also, there is a group t-shirt contest this year and we'll have time to put something together...I'll post regarding with more a later date.

xo Laurie
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Postby policerule on 06 Sep 2008 16:50

Ha! That t-shirt contest is in the bag!

We should be pros at this by now :wink:
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Postby animal on 06 Sep 2008 18:19

WOW $5,500 and climbing.

Awesome news, awesome people.
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Postby samburusunset on 06 Sep 2008 20:59

Nutters ruuuuuuuule!!!!!!!!!!!
Stewart and Stanley together again!! YO!
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Postby TheEqualizer on 06 Sep 2008 22:46

Yay! :D
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Postby njperry on 07 Sep 2008 02:58

That's awesome.

I have menaing to donate some in appreciation of all Stewart has done for us.
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Postby DirtyMartini on 08 Sep 2008 14:30


You know, it's funny -- when Mo and I had first thought about "attaching" a charity to that green flag thing, I expected that we'd raise a bit of money, but I didn't expect the world in any way: we're a small group; our resources are limited; and when we set this fund up, all of us had money going to various locations and concert tours and such. At launch, I said I'd be really happy if we managed to raise $1000, and anything after that would be cake.

That sure is an awful lot of cake.

Big thanks to all the folks who have bumped the LC Fund thread throughout the year -- whether in the spirit of a holiday, in thanks to a generous gift from a celebrated musician, in an effort to bring a breath of fresh air to the forum, or simply just cuz.

Big thanks to Laurie for coordinating the MIF walk in Philly; to Lynne for her what-the-hell-am-I-doing-on-the-Lewis-and-Clark-trail bike ride; to Dive for her t-shirts with the accompanying LC kick-in; to sockii for linking to the Fund on the PoliceWiki; to anyone who has ever refused money, a payment, or reimbursement saying "give it to Leroy"; and to anyone I may mistakenly be forgetting who has organized any sort of Leroy Coolbreeze fundraising thingie.

Big thanks to nancyrose for organizing this wagontrain and keeping it rolling along. You, my dear lady, rrrrrock.

And big thanks to all of you folks -- both those who have contributed in dollars and in spirit -- for your generosity, your support, and for simply impressing the hell out of me. It has been pretty amazing to watch this charitable effort grow from a flag b-story to a successful spin-off in its own right, to see people pick it up and apply it wherever they could. It's really nice to know that, even though the Flag has finished its journey, the Leroy Coolbreeze Fund continues on.
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Postby Lynne on 09 Sep 2008 02:08

Major, major, major what she said ^^^^^^^^^^^.
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