Orlando Review - 5/16/2008

Orlando Review - 5/16/2008

Postby mgstar1964 on 17 May 2008 05:14

Hello All,

It was great meeting everyone at the Get-Together, before the show, at the Marriott Hotel across from the Amway Arena. It was held in the sports bar / restaurant, and there was a huge group from the StewartCopeland.net website (myself included), and of course, they had the FLAG that everyone signs, as a member of the site

Sooo, onto the show .... details, details ...

I'm back in my hotel now, and it was an absolutely amazing evening, energy-wise ... better show, in my opinion than last year's shows in Tampa and Miami, although the Tampa show was close. Both Tampa last year, as well as tonight's Orlando crowd had AMAZING audience energy and participation. Almost sell-out crowd. Sting wore an all-black outfit, Andy had his same outfit as the past several shows on this leg, including the green & white sneakers, but Stewart had a new shirt - a black and yellow horizontally-striped pattern shirt ... He was AMAZING all night long and really stole the show and made the performance, energy-wise, as well as from a fan perspective - he also seemed to get the highest level of applause.... phenomenal percussion work on both Wrapped Around Your Finger, as well as King of Pain ...

The new songs in the set (3 of them - Bring On The Night, Hole In My Life, and Demolition Man) - all high energy, welcome additions to the setlist ... Unfortunately, there was no Synchronicity 2. Now, perhaps, for the final setlist at the end of the tour, as a dream setlist, they could add in ALL of the songs performed on this tour, including Truth Hits Everybody, Bed's Too Big Without You, Walking In Your Footsteps, Spirits In The Material World, as well as Murder By Numbers, it would be absolutely fantastic ... BUT, no real complaints, otherwise ... great energy and interplay between them, although some fellow fans nearby seemed to make comments that it seemed staged and contrived, and there wasn't enough "soul" in the show or performance, unlike say, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band ....

Elvis Costello & The Imposters - AMAZING performance - 55 minutes - went from 7:29 pm - 8:24 pm - very high energy, high level of musicality - I'm a new fan for life - I can't wait to see them tomorrow night in West Palm Beach, as well... Once again, Sting came out with his hat on, and sang a duet w/ Elvis on "Allison" ... great harmonies and chorus together

The set conversion only took 20 minutes this time - very short intermission period, compared to last year's shows ...

The Police took the stage at 8:45, and ended at 10:26 pm - 1 hr., 40 min. performance - great musically, and great audience energy, but it just felt a bit "short" of a performance - Soo, if they could have added back Synchronicity 2, for example, back into the setlist, might have made a difference ....

Last year's shows were a bit longer and each had 1 additional song in the setlist (19 songs last year vs. 18 tonight). Miami - 1 hr., 50 min. Tampa - 1 hr., 55 min.

Here's the setlist from tonight, for anyone who forgot:

1 hr., 40 min.:

1. Bring On The Night (fuller version)
2. Message In A Bottle
3. Walking On The Moon
4. Demolition Man
5. Voices Inside My Head / When The World Is Running Down
6. Don't Stand So Close To Me
7. Driven To Tears
8. Hole In My Life
9. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
10. Wrapped Around Your Finger
11. De Doo Doo Doo, De Da Da Da
12. Invisible Sun (with video pictures)
13. Can't Stand Losing You / Regatta de Blanc

Encore 1:
14. Roxanne
15. King of Pain
16. So Lonely
17. Every Breath You Take

Encore 2:
18. Next To You (with video pictures of The Police from the 70's)

Fan Get-Together: It was great meeting everyone in person:

Erika "E", Sara, Dayvo (Dave), JDez, Rancid Date, and the rest of the crew from the ThePolice.com and SC.net websites who were there - we'll do it again tomorrow, in West Palm, hopefully

I'm sad that this is the end of the tour for me, after the West Palm Beach show, but I will have seen them a total of 4 times on this tour - great shows, each, but I wish the whole tour and reunion wasn't ending in August ... Oh well - it was a dream come true, anyway


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Postby Divemistress of the Dark on 17 May 2008 05:17

thanks mg! Glad to hear you guys had a blast!!
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Postby mgstar1964 on 17 May 2008 05:20


Thanks so much - it was really great meeting everyone before the show, and of course, it was an honor to actually get to sign the Flag, myself !

I feel like I got to contribute to the SC.net experience, in my own way :)

I'm really sorry to hear about everybody's fender-benders after the show - it was really crazy and totally packed in the immediate driving area around the Arena and the Marriott hotel downtown tongiht - almost like a madhouse type of scene ... Hope everyone's okay :)


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Re: Orlando Review - 5/16/2008

Postby DirtyMartini on 17 May 2008 06:07

[quote="mgstar1964"]he also seemed to get the highest level of applause....[/quote]

Heh. Yep, he always does.

Thanks for the detailed report, Michael! Very cool that you were able to spend time with some of the other fans, had the opportunity to sign the flag, and had a great show. Thanks for sharing, and have another great show at WPB!
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Postby TheEqualizer on 17 May 2008 07:01

Thanks for the great report, Michael! :D
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Postby animal on 17 May 2008 11:07

Thanks for the report mg. Enjoy WPB.
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Postby kimmy on 17 May 2008 11:43

Great report!!

Thanks so much.......

Just soak up all the shows and you'll be able to remember them for ever!


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Postby conroy on 17 May 2008 11:46

Thanks for getting the review posted so quickly! Glad you had a blast. Have fun tonight!
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Postby IndyGirl on 17 May 2008 13:32

Thanks for the concert report. Have fun at WPB.
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Postby Madgrad on 17 May 2008 13:43

Looking forward to the photos of the black and yellow shirt! :wink: 8)
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Postby Rancid Date on 17 May 2008 15:24

[quote="Madgrad"]Looking forward to the photos of the black and yellow shirt! :wink: 8)[/quote]

I think that was the same shirt that he wore when he snuck in with the Foos during the break. He looked VERY NICE. :D
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Postby mgstar1964 on 17 May 2008 16:11

Hey all,

There is a great review, as well as 24 professional photos posted online, at www.orlandosentinel.com.

Just search for The Police (5/16/08) concert, and you'll find a link to the review, as well as a separate link to the photos that are posted - great shots of all three, plus EC. Stew's yellow/black striped shirt is in there :)

Enjoy :)


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Postby Madgrad on 17 May 2008 19:24

[quote="mgstar1964"] Stew's yellow/black striped shirt is in there :)

Enjoy :)



Thank you, Michael!

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Postby E on 20 May 2008 01:54

Hi yall! I'm finally back with a few minutes to fill you in on our concert experience. Sorry its taken so long!

The Great Flag Adventure

Thursday AM, Jen, LilRock and I embark on an adventure. We are traveling south to Orlando to see The Police for the last time. What’s different this time? We have a nasty green stowaway along for the ride.

Car windows decorated with “The Police”, “Stewart, Andy and Sting”, “Bring on the Night”, “Synchronicity”, and numerous “CHA.” (Yes, Pluto, we want it back too.) Trip down nice and uneventful, had a nice day at a girl’s favorite Hotel, the Florida Hotel, conveniently attached to the Mall.

Friday – the day begins. Flag jitters begin creeping in on and off throughout the day. Is my seat good enough for Stewart to see? Will some 6-and-a-half-foot tall guy sit in front of me? (Ironically, 2 of them did) Will Stewart see the flag? Will a drunken reveler spill beer on it? Will security try to confiscate it? Help me!

Time creeping along…. time to get ready to go. Sting-girl Jen wears a little black dress and looks hot. Andy-girl LilRock wears an “I love Andy Summers” t-shirt. I wear a homemade SC.net football type shirt. Cool Rhythmatist logo on front and “Flag Minion, stewartcopeland.net” on back. We all sign the flag and document with photos. Ready to go…. LilRock and Jen have had a pre-preshow glass of wine, so E the nondrinker drives.

Here’s where we start to lose our minds. The 20-minute drive to the show is sprinkled with low volume squees, occasional singing, making weird noises and hand signals. As we catch our first glimpse of the Arena, the sounds in the vehicle go from little girly squees to comic-book-movie-worthy screams of ecstasy and delight. LilRock in back seat laughing and, unbeknownst to Jen and myself, filming. I’m still debating about whether or not to post those videos.

We park the car and walk to our meeting place. E tries hard not to embarrass her companions, but gives up. Oh crap, I’m talking about myself in 3rd person now.

Pre show fun. Chatchka and Mr. Chatchka arrive first, followed by Rancid Date and the recently-freed-from-leather-straps Bry. Mrs. Adams, Doctor Dawn, and Mgstar are there as well. We all have a blast; it was great getting to know everyone better. Dave from TP.com also joins us for a while, and does a short stint as a pro bono ticket broker, as Mgstar purchases my spare ticket from me and gets a killer upgrade. I’m now relieved that I don’t have to peddle my wares in the street. Flaggy is freed from his plastic lair and passed around to receive more signatures from specially designated pens only (that’s for you DM). Pens and plastic bags are handed off to Mrs. Adams, the WPB Flag Mule and Minion. Flaggy retreats into his plastic lair as it is time to go to the show. Pre-show was fun, great getting to know everyone better.

On to the show, Mrs. Adams and Doctor Dawn walk with us. Jen and me are dancing in the parking lot. We show them Jen’s car all decked out in Police writing. More screams and squeals, and a little Monkee walking. (Remember that?). People are tailgating, yummy. We go and try to find access to the back stage door and see several limos….eeeeekkkkk!

Inside the arena and find seats. WOW!!! These seats are AWESOME! We are in the lower section close to the floor, at EYE LEVEL to where Stewart will be!!! There’s also a rail in front of me, which I secretly plan to use to my advantage, since tall guys sit in front of me. Elvis goes on, he puts on a phenomenal show and he got thunderous applause at the end. Very entertaining, would go see him again for sure.

Lights on, OMGong, 20 minute countdown. Flag removed from lair. People begin to ask questions, think flag is cool. Kids have picture taken with flag and me to show their drum teacher. Other people take pictures of us with flag. A girl from SC.net who rarely posts comes up to me and wants to see the flag, she was so excited. Quite a little celebrity we have here. Everyone around interested in the story. Mrs. Adams and Dr. Dawn make their way to our seats, as there are empty seats around. They like our location, so I tell them to hang out w/ us in the aisle near the seats. They do and no one ever tells them to move. So cool, we have 5 nutters standing together for the show!!

OK to the show. I won’t repeat what MG said, no point in that, nice review. Lights down, can see Stew, Andy and Sting shadows on stage…BOTN, the audience explodes. Energy level high, the boys seemed to really be enjoying themselves. Sting seems to have loosened up significantly since I saw them 6 months ago. And good news, his voice sounded great! Andy rocked, and Stew hammered his drums into submission. They all sounded phenomenal. They Rocked and left the audience begging for more.

Man our seats are good. So good that I totally ignore the big screens. Stew wearing a new shirt. I thought it looked black and light green, but other people say yellow. Who knows, but it looked green after drenched with sweat. Dancing, singing having a great time. Flag raised high when audience lights on and between songs (don’t worry, no one’s views blocked, I was nice). WOTM – first point w/ drum sticks in middle of song….garbeldy blaaahhh. People around us are like “hey, he SAW you!” Points during Hole and between some other songs which I cannot remember. Andy looks up at us several times, so I wave to him. He longs for a flag of his own. Lil Rock is losing her mind at this point; she’s screaming “ANDY!!!!!” and he probably hears her. She is in such a zone she forgets that you can’t wave a video camera back and forth while filming. By the time we get to Roxanne I’m climbing the rail with LilRock and Jen holding on so I don’t fall on creepy drunk guy in front of us waving beer. Got to hold flag above him to avoid contamination due to beer spillage. Truly a family effort! There was a point after CSLY, after which I have a Savannah flash-back and point back and say “no, YOU!” I found a video of that on youtube, which I’ll post later, you can even see the flag a bit when the guy pans around the audience. So Lonely starts, and I just lose it, as this is my favorite Police song. Can’t contain self, so I descend rail to dance my butt off, but quickly ascend back after this song. I don’t know, but there were about 5 points total, including the end of the show after NTY.

Special treat, Klark Kent manifests himself right before the bow!! I believe someone left a link to that photo in the “news from the front” thread, anyway, here it is. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v230/ ... tewart.jpg

After show, we say our goodbyes and I hand off Flag to Mrs. Adams. I’m going to miss the little green bugger, but he’s in good hands now. Mrs. Adams is a cool chick.

Oh, to confirm earlier reports, yes, the car got hit in the parking lot after the show. By the time we got to the car, half the front bumper was peeled back with a nasty scratch on the side. No engine damage, luckily. We waited for police, got somewhat of a report, and being proper southern girls, duct taped the bumper back in place. No problem. You can do anything with duct tape.

This was our last hurrah with The Police, truly an unforgettable experience, and having the opportunity to carry the flag for this special evening was indescribable. What a way to go out! Will post pix/videos as soon as humanly possible.

Police Tix $250
Police T-shirt $35
Having Stewart stop working during a song to point sticks at you, priceless!
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Postby IndyGirl on 20 May 2008 02:04

Thanks for checking in, E. Great report you gave. I'm glad you had an awesome time! :D
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