Quick notes from Savannah/Thank you, STEWART

Quick notes from Savannah/Thank you, STEWART

Postby DirtyMartini on 27 Mar 2008 07:51

Tonight's show was very good; Stewart played hard and intense and goofy; "Celeste" was lovely and smart (I loved the musical conversation of it, and Daniel Hope looked like he was having an absolute blast); and Stewart made some really insightful comments during the Q&A and sent out much love to the SC.net gang.

I've got a plane in 3 hours (no rest for the stupid) and won't get back home til afternoon, at which point I will summarily pass out, so I'll check in once I have dezombified a bit.

Everyone get home safe. That includes you, Stewart.

And by the way, thank you. You fucking nutter.

Dramatic highlights & a unique musical cosmos. Guaranteed.
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Postby TheEqualizer on 27 Mar 2008 07:57

Thanks for the quick report, Kel. Hopefully a transcript of the Q&A surfaces somehow.
*crosses fingers*
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Postby TeresaV on 27 Mar 2008 09:15

:D Sounds like a big time was had!! Can't wait to hear more and like EQ said, read a trans. of the Q & A. Hope eveyone makes it home safe and thanks for posting this Kellie!
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Postby animal on 27 Mar 2008 11:01

Thanks for the update DM.

Can't wait to hear the full reports. :D
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Postby Madgrad on 27 Mar 2008 11:28

No rest for the mamas! The kiddos are up, we're in a hotel room, so nach, I'm up, too! :shock: Pretty sure there's a possiblility of that transcript-- seems to me I heard rumblings. . .

Oh, oh! The kids are gonna get us kicked out of the Hampton! Safe travels, everybody!

Thank you, Stewart, for a fantastic evening all-around! 8)
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Postby sockii on 27 Mar 2008 12:27

Hey folks!

I'm up but off for the airport in a bit myself, just wanted to check in quick that a great time was had by all, the performance was above and beyond all expectations (no matter how much you like the Orchestralli stuff on album, it's an entirely different experience live, with Stewart pounding the SHIT out of those drums so hard you expect the entire kit to collapse at any moment!)

"Celeste" was a breathtaking piece, certainly a highlight, and if this is some indication of the creative energy Stewart's been building up all through Tourzilla, then I think we're all in for a hell of a treat once he's really free to do his own thing again (and yes, please, more collaborations with Daniel Hope!)

The Q&A ran longer than I expected, starting with Daniel asking some planned questions before opening it up to the audience. While Daniel was trying to get questions from the rest of the room, Stewart of course went right to the nutters up front first (starting with Dan). Stewart also made all the "people in green up front" stand up and was giving props like mad to his crazy crew, especially and most deservedly DM. Stewart talked about the flag and you know, have to say police.com can have their DVD and soundbite about it--Stewart made sure last night that the Flag Love was felt, acknowledged, and announced to the world (or, well, at least a room full of nutters in Savannah.)

The red heads of the apocalypse have also finally been sorted out.


Our own Schmaffy, policerule's hubby, and myself also got in questions (and um it took me a while afterwards to get over having Stewart remember me for my artwork and give me props for it before I could even get my question out!)

I do hope someone got/can transcribe the Q & A because Stewart said some really thoughtful and insightful things about The Police and where it does (and doesn't) really fit in with his (and Sting & Andy's) lives at this point. And you know...last show of the tour or not, be damned, I think a lot of us felt a certain degree of "closure" regarding The Police after last night (if only because OMG we need Stewart doing more of his own thing again like last night, thank you.)

Anyway, I'm rambling on too little sleep while hacking away from the Stingfluenza yet; I'm sure others will be more coherent and the photos/vid/etc will all start pouring in once folks have some time to recover.

Thank you, Stewart!

Thank you, Gio!

Thank you everyone who made the last two days so wonderful! Crap I'm going to get all misty-eyed now so yeah, time to shut up...
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Postby smax on 27 Mar 2008 12:30

<---A photo of me with Stewart pointing at a photo of Stewart pointing at me.
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Postby Spec A! on 27 Mar 2008 12:39

You lucky bunch! Thanks for representing all of us that couldn't attend- can't wait for all the pics and videos and more reports!!
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Postby kimmy on 27 Mar 2008 12:42

Oh Sockii..... I'm so glad you were able to go.......

thanks for the update!

We can't wait to hear the full reports in due course!!

We didn't do much whilst you were gone.... a few of us lot got together..... had a few glasses of um... water.... and early nights.... :shock:

(Shit never could lie!!)


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Postby smudge on 27 Mar 2008 12:56

Thanks so much Sockii. Man - that sounds like a fun, fun night.

It is just great to hear that the new work is stonkingly good :-)
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Postby visions on 27 Mar 2008 13:02

soooooooo true Kimmy and we can personally blame this chick for the trashing of sc.net......i had nothing to do with it :D

Great to hear from some of you.....get some rest and don't make me read too much too tomorrow need to go out for awhile so please be kind

As for Stewart don't you just love this guy!!!!!!!!



and the rest of the crew!!!!!

rest my little peeps you all deserve it and need to recover of course
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Postby Lynne on 27 Mar 2008 13:23

Seeing/meeting everyone was great, Stewart positively thundered, and "Celeste" is a very lovely piece. Very musically conversational. Daniel was certainly having a good time too, and there will be more collaboration.

Basically w.r.t. Tourzilla, Stewart said the Police shows are essentially ceremonial, giving back to fans the music that has had so much meaning and emotional weight in their lives for the past 30 years. They get a lot out of it too, from the response fed by that weight and meaning radiating back to them on stage. But it's not an exercise about creating new music or about exploration. They've each grown in directions as musicians over the past 20 years; those directions aren't necessarily complementary to each other, and they will get back to that in their solo works.

His mad props to us were gracious and generous. He explained to the rest of the audience that there were "these people in green shirts" down at the front "who like his music", and then he said "I have this website" ... After he asked us to stand up and be recognized and got into the Q&A, the conversation evolved into distinguishing Dive, DM, and Meg. Meg pointed out DM to him, and he asked her to stand up, and he explained about the flag to the rest of the audience. He was very funny about the flag, of course; he said that Sting and Andy "don't get it", and they ask how many flags are there, and really are stymied by the existence of only.one.flag. So DM has had some of the public recognition that she richly deserves for her creativity and entrepreneurship.

Yes. I'd like more of this, please. Tourzilla's been wonderful, but I'll certainly cherish this evening, and would like more of them! The music, Stewart's dynamic personality, and the conviviality of this nutty little community makes for a special evening.
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Postby njperry on 27 Mar 2008 13:31

The concert was AWESOME.

Here is the set list:
Birds of Prey
Stalin's Sultry Serenade
The Gene Pool
Our Mother is Alive
Baboon Tribe

Basically Orchestralli CD with Celeste instread of Equalizer.

It was a 17 piece orchestra for the songs except for Celeste which was Stewart with violin and piano, and Gene pool which was percussion only.

As sockii said, it was incredible in person.
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Postby animal on 27 Mar 2008 14:01

Thanks for the quick updates Sockii & njperry, can't wait to hear the full blown reports.

Safe travels back.
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Re: Quick notes from Savannah/Thank you, STEWART

Postby SambucaSubaru on 27 Mar 2008 14:02

[quote="DirtyMartini"]Stewart made some really insightful comments during the Q&A and sent out much love to the SC.net gang.[/quote]

Excellent! Can't beat waves of love emanating from the stage...

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