Houston 6/29 review!!

Houston 6/29 review!!

Postby Spec A! on 30 Jun 2007 06:07


Okay well first off- I'm home, Gina is safe and probably boarding a bus as I type. We had a BLAST. They ROCKED, more than I expected, nothing felt slow, and the energy of the place was outstanding- no one was sitting anywhere I could see.

I will write a comprehensive review tomorrow, however I will leave you with this little tidbit:

Not only was there a lack of security that allowed me to bring in the camera and iPod w/mic, I got right up to the stage, have some decent pics, good video, and yes my friends of Copelandia- I got not one, not two, but three separate acknowledgements from the Man himself STEWART!!! :D :D He pointed to me with his sticks after seeing my crazy flag waving, but the best, after the final encore and they took their bows, he came over to the edge of the stage and gave me a bunch of huge thumbs ups!!! I screamed like a little girl!!! :D

Anyways- I have a bunch of pics I will be putting up and will write in more detail tomorrow. It was AWESOME, and great to meet and hang out/have dinner with Gina as well as meet Sandy after the show. I so so wish I could meet more of you and see more shows!! Who knows what the future will bring. :)
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Postby samburusunset on 30 Jun 2007 06:29

That is awesome! I saw a glowing review over on TPT. The reviewer said it was really exciting to see everyone so psyched and the whole arena singing. I'm so glad they're really rocking and kicking ass! Best of all, they're proving all the nay-sayers wrong!! HAHAHAHAHAHA! I can't wait to see them in Cleveland!!!!
3 acknowledgements of The Flag??!! How cool is that? It's just sooo much fun knowing that he's getting a kick out of seeing the flag :D :D Many props go out to DirtyMartini for all her organizing and Moeskido for his artistry!!

EyoEyoEyaOh! CHA!
Stewart and Stanley together again!! YO!
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Postby conroy on 30 Jun 2007 11:52

Great job Anthony! I'm sure some day we'll all meet somewhere for a big SC.net convention. I hope someone got photos/video of Stew giving the thumbs up with both you and the flag in the shot.

Have a safe journey, Gina! I think your bus trip around all the shows is very cool!
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Postby kimmy on 30 Jun 2007 12:25

Anthony I expect you are glowing with pride!!! And with a huge grin on your face!! :D (bigger than that one!!)

How exciting for you, WOW!!

I wonder what the other two think about this flag thing? It must have been mentioned? (hope they are peeved by it!!)

Can't wait to see your photos, it'll be something really special for you....


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Postby Divemistress of the Dark on 30 Jun 2007 13:27

Heh. Gina and I have The Flag again tonight. We'll have to figure out who's got the most visible seat.

Ain't life grand? ;) Glad you had a blast, A!
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Postby DirtyMartini on 30 Jun 2007 13:58

Anthony, I love you! YOU ROCK! Thank you!

If ANYONE finds photos that have the flag in them, please please please let us know.

and as always, THANK YOU, STEWART!
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Postby sockii on 30 Jun 2007 13:59

Awesome. I'm so glad the flag's had another "close encounter"!
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Postby Spec A! on 30 Jun 2007 14:10

Good Morning everyone!

So holy crap what an amazing show! I truly have never been to a better concert- they we simply amazing! I finally got to see STEWART play live! And I was soooo close! And he gave me the thumbs up!!! :D
Okay- Fiction Plane- they are a tight band, not too bad. I think it could be something that grows on me, they were enjoyable but I still just couldn't get engaged, hooked, into them. I think honestly there's something about Joe's voice that I'm not crazy about. And ask Gina- I'm a picky bastard when it comes to drummers- their drummer is good, he's skilled, but I don't like the way his drums sound, everything's too muddy/gets lost, snare's got no crack to it, and he plays a little too straight ahead for my taste (play around with your fills a bit man!!). Yes I'm just a teensy bit biased, I know. ;) But overall- they put on a good show, and I could see myself listening to them more. First impressions though- eh, it was pretty good. That's about it. I will definitely echo the past statements of "haven't they already played that song?" because there were a few that sounded alot alike (Joe's voice/singing style certain aids to that). And also the whole time I'm watching/listening there's this big heavy thought in my head that says "this is not what I've come to see". I'm sure that has a little something to do with my "eh" impression of them- Like everyone else there, I was waiting for The Police!

So, The Police- holy balls they don't sound any different to me than they did 23 years ago!! I'll give you a short synopsis of each song-
The place was on it's feet as the lights dimmed and Bob Marley's "Get up Stand up" slowly fades. I could hear the gong warming up as Andy was the first to appear, followed by Sting, and then STEWART slowly rising, bringing the gong to a crescendo BASH, and Andy kicked into
Message In A Bottle-
I for one thought Andy nailed it, it sounded great. Keep in mind I'm so stoked and not paying 100% attention to teeny mistakes, but he seemed on, and of course STEWART's every snare crack could be felt deep in people's chests blocks away. Tempo was great, Sting's voice was spot on. And hearing the crowd sing along was incredible. :)

Synchronicity II-
I'll give another HOLY BALLS to this one- jeebus did it R O C K! God it got the place moving- Andy did his other key intro, and as soon as the EYOOO's! were belted out the place went wild. Hard to believe I'm watching some 50 and 60 year olds up on stage blowing the place away! Christ I'm tearing up just thinking about it!

Walking On The Moon-
Oh STEWART, how I love your Octobans... And the Delay... And your snare.... :) Great version, even a tad slower than I would've like it was still great with a nice long jam. The crowd's EeYooo yo yo's were so much fun to hear too. Sting's voice was spot on, seriously you couldn't tell that there has been a 23 year absence.

Voices Inside My Head into When The World Is Running Down-
Man I wished this song went on. I loved the slow groove of Voices, and Andy again had an incredible solo on Running Down- he was moving around a good amount on stage and seemed to be really freaking into it. I love the way they end this too- Sting and Andy's parts together sounded perfect, and STEWART was just a beast on the kit!

Don't Stand So Close-
The crowd went nuts when they heard the first line, and yes it's slower/Sting sings a little more mellow, but all three of them still rocked it out! Seriously you hear all these comments of how "tame" the new versions are- I have no clue where people are getting this from. STEWART was playing so hard, and it was pretty much the same arrangement as the original, just a little slower tempo and lower key.

Driven To Tears-
OMG my favorite Police Song EVAR! I'm pissed because I wanted to catch the whole thing on video, but missed the first 12 bars or so as they went RIGHT into it from Don't Stand. STEWART was amazing, again hitting and playing the kit like his life depended on it, Sting sang it high and didn't really mess with the vocal phrasing much, Andy was on FIRE the whole time through- god damn it was good! Well, you'll see for yourself as soon as I get it on youtube. :D

The Bed's Too Big Without You-
Oooh! This sounded AWESOME, and I got a good chunk on video too! STEWART's so expressive on the snare, I loved it! The jam in the middle was great, Andy and Sting again do not dissapoint, playing off each other, and all was reigned back in with ease- god they were so tight!

Truth Hits Everybody-
I for one love the new version! The "woah Oooh's" from the crowd were great, again it still rocked and had everyone moving regardless of the lower key. The tempo is the same as the studio recording- no it isn't as fast as they used to play it live, but still great. :)

Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic-
So for some reason this is the part in the show that it hit me that I'M ACTUALLY SEEING THE POLICE LIVE, RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! I got all verklempt and choked up- it really hit me hard and was just a great moment. :D The song itself- JUST like the studio version and it was incredible, probably one of my favs from the night. Holy Cow it was so good. I really can't describe it.

Wrapped Around Your Finger-
Slower than I was expecting but had a great groove to it. STEWART played some awesome poly's on his aux kit behind him, and the camera had some cool shots looking up from underneath through the head of his 22" Gong Bass tom- don't worry I got video of it. :) And then jumping back to the kit smacking the shit out of the snare- god damn he is amazing. Enough said.

De Do Do Do De Da Da Da-
Uh, just like the studio version again! :) No new arrangement that I really noticed, STEWART and Andy were both chugging away sounding great and Sting sang it like you'd expect. It's not one of my favs, but still everyone was dancing and having a blast it was hard not to be ecstatic about it!

Invisible Sun-
I think this ended up being the bathroom break song- it was great though, Andy's guitar part cut so well, and I loved STEWART's straight ahead drumming on it.

Walking In Your Footsteps-
Holy shit I never loved this song till now- OMG it was awesome and ROCKED. STEWART's toms were a force to be reckoned with! Man he is incredible! Seriously hope they re-record this one.

Can't Stand Losing You-
Man oh man another fav of mine, and just great! Again, sounded just like it did 23 years ago and then some! What made it more awesome was this is where I get the first stick point from STEWART while he's playing after he sees the flag!!!

Good God they've never played this better, and Sting never sounded so good. He hit every high note there was flawlessly! Incredible! The jam session was superb, Sting and Andy both were amazing and had great little bits - this really brought the house down!

King of Pain-
Again the crowd went wild when they heard the first few lyrics, and Andy's solo was awesome! Great great song. It was after this that they left the stage, the crowd was wild and they came back only after 1-2mins!

So Lonely-
Hilarious! STEWART and Andy are playing around and Sting acts as if he doesn't know what song they are trying to play, and does the theme from Bonanza- just like the Synchronicity video!! And then they kick into it, not lacking any steam/fire/energy from the start of the show or from their youth. God this song is good and they played it so well- the "welcome to the Andy Summer's show" got some cheers and Sting gave him a kind of "sorry chap!" Shrug, and of course the next "welcome to the STEWART COPELAND SHOW!" got the huge huge cheers it deserved! It's true what everyone has been saying- STEWART really shined out of the three and the crowd seems to agree. :) Again, I got the stick point and nod from THE MAN after he sees the flag!!!

Every Breath You Take-
Ha! Andy went right into the guitar part after So Lonely ended and Sting seemed caught off guard/surprised! He's said something to the effect of "Oh ok! I guess we'll" garbled garbled could hear the rest of what he said. Of course the crowd sang along and was just swelling with this one. :) They left and came back one more time for-

Next To You-
Ah the steam train! God DAMN did they rock it- I thought it was great, great tempo, and STEWART was beating the ever-loving shit out of the kit!! Just like he should. :)
The end of the show- all three get up/leave their instruments and take huge bows hand in hand front and center on the stage. At this point I had worked my way to the front right of the stage waiving the flag like Crazy! STEWART sees it and comes over right in god damned front of me and gives me a HUGE smile and Thumbs up!!! Again- I was screaming like a little girl- it was the most awesomest concert moment I've ever had. :)
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Postby sockii on 30 Jun 2007 14:18

>I will definitely echo the past statements of "haven't they already played
>that song?" because there were a few that sounded alot alike (Joe's
>voice/singing style certain aids to that).

Re: Fiction Plane - for me it was really worth buying their album and listening to it through a few times before hitting the show. I just can never appreciate hearing songs for the first time in a live environment vs. an album recording. Definitely the first time I listened to the cd it all sort of washed together (something I find pretty common with a lot of bands actually), but by the time of the concert in Dallas I really was enjoying their set. I'm so glad they played "Drink" as it's my favorite on the album and a nice break from the harder-edged stuff. The title track, "Left Side of the Brain" too is one that's been growing on me a lot.
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Postby DirtyMartini on 30 Jun 2007 14:18

[quote="Spec A!"]Can't Stand Losing You- . . . What made it more awesome was this is where I get the first stick point from STEWART while he's playing after he sees the flag!!! [/quote]

You got points DURING the song? HA!

Thanks for the report, Spec. SO HAPPY for you.
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Postby Spec A! on 30 Jun 2007 14:23


Okay, so here are the pics:
http://s119.photobucket.com/albums/o132 ... ?start=all

Here are the videos:
More will be available as I get them uploaded- Driven to Tears is up though.

And I will get the audio cleaned up and uploaded sometime today- the battery quit after 1hour and 13mins. :( It's still great though.
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Postby nancyrose on 30 Jun 2007 14:28

Hi Anthony! Reading your review put a huge smile on my face...so I can only imagine the grin you must be wearing today! I'm very happy for you...sounds like you had a great night!

Who knew a little flag could bring so much joy??
(Note to DM: what other good ideas have you got brewing? Bring 'em on, girl!)
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Postby DirtyMartini on 30 Jun 2007 14:35

Great photos, A!

[nancyrose, it's like living in an I Love Lucy episode sometimes inside this head. :wink: ]
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Postby Spec A! on 30 Jun 2007 14:40

Ok- gotta take the little girl to her Gym Class, I'll post again once the videos are all uploaded. :)

Thanks everyone- it truly was so incredible! My coworker/cousin Jordan came with me and thought it was the best concert he's ever seen. We also had a BLAST hanging out with Gina too!!

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Postby GinaSuperCat on 30 Jun 2007 14:48

Had so much fun with you two...Yep "holy balls" about summarizes my take on the show perfectly & re: FP they certainly grow on you, I was singing to about half the songs last nite...But most importantly let me say this: Anthony was a freaking rockstar of a flag bearer, he rocked the flag hardcore!!! PS ask Jordan: HOW YOU DOING THIS MORNING??!! real loud for me, perhaps even through a cardboard tube <grin>...

mmmkay must peel self away and eat...
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