Stewart Relix Interview

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Stewart Relix Interview

Postby jerseyfan on 29 Dec 2017 17:16

There's a new interview with Stewart on Relix: ... e_and_acid

Still no word on a Gizmodrome tour other than the London show. I hope they're going to try to go all out early in 2018 to promote a few shows. Please perform in NYC.

Regarding this quote in the article:

The Police doesn’t belong to us anymore. It’s not for us to screw around with. The Police is a litany. The Police is a liturgy, even. It’s a sacred service. It’s not about: “Oh, so now we’re going to do some tracks from our new album.” “Fuck that. I don’t want to hear your new album. I want to hear ‘Roxanne.’” That’s the way I felt when I saw Paul McCartney. He might as well have just said, “OK, time for you to go buy a new T-shirt because I’m going to play a song from my new album.”

You're wrong, Mr. Copeland. A new Police album- even today- would break iTunes. It would go platinum the first week and perhaps the first day.
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Re: Stewart Relix Interview

Postby giovanni on 30 Dec 2017 14:00

Well, I see Stewart's quote, I can understand that a new Police album wouldn't be that much interesting considering what they released, such a strong catalogue. They would be in competition with themselves but it would be really hard to arrive at the peak they reached in the Eighties; sure it would be an amazing challenge, but I don't feel like fans would really need a new album.
I'm pretty sure anyway that the day they will seriously think about it, probably something very orginal will be released, a new kind of formula, maybe far away from the past, but surely very interesting.
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