Hello to everyone and thanks...

Hello to everyone and thanks...

Postby Guest on 16 Aug 2005 21:07

...to Stewart in particular for opening the vault to us. The Police were the first rock band I listened intensely to as a kid and I blame him for me taking drum lessons myself and annoying my teacher with my miserable approaches to some sort of "copelandish" hihat work :wink: .

Anyway, I am from Cologne/Germany and I am not sure wheter or not Stewart is aware of his huge fan crowd here in Deutschland. I am looking forward to seeing him on stage here in the near future.

I particularily like "Louis Hansa", "Eat it" and the Police remix. Who`s that talented singer on that tune anyway?

One more thing: I think Sting is a great musician (got all of his albums) but he urgently needs a kick in his ass by Stewart to prevent him from becoming a silky "Mr. Nice and ever pleasing" pop singer. We´ve got too much of them already.

Keep rocking!


Postby Stabn on 16 Aug 2005 21:10

sorry, I forgot to log in. it´s me.
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