PNC Holmdel NJ Show - Sun. 8/3 - Tickets Wanted

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PNC Holmdel NJ Show - Sun. 8/3 - Tickets Wanted

Postby mgstar1964 on 13 Jun 2008 15:49

Hello all,

I'm gearing up for the next round of shows, and I am extremely interested in meeting up w/ all of my newfound online Police Fanatics and fanatics one more time - Sooo, its onto Holmdel ! I'll be flying in from South Florida to meet up w/ one of my best friends from Jersey for this show ...

I'm looking simply to buy either 3 or 4 lawn seats for the PNC show - I don't need major expensive tickets - just 3 or 4 lawn seats and we can take it from there ... Don't want to break the bank on this one, but we are willing to pay up to around $80.00 or so each, per ticket ...

There is nothing available on Craigslist right now (as of Friday a.m., 6/13), and ebay has a few listings, but I'm wary of that ... I'd rather deal directly with a fellow Police fanatic ...

If anyone can help, please feel to call me or email me directly ...

Here's my info: - email

786.487.7808 - mobile #

Thank you all in advance for your assistance

I really hope to be able to see everyone there ...


Michael G.
Rock On Stew & The Police - 2007-2008 & Beyond !
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