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PostPosted: 20 Jun 2008 16:28
by Susan
My ticket is sold, thanks!

PostPosted: 20 Jun 2008 16:52
by animal
Susan, check with TicketMaster as seats have been re-assigned.

per the main thread. ... php?t=7493

PostPosted: 20 Jun 2008 17:00
by Susan
Animal, thanks, am not affected by the Tickebastard incident. Section 60 is well in front. But thanks for mentioning it! I went back and checked my ticket order just to be 100% sure!
Edit, June 23: the ticket is sold. And still unaffected by TB.

PostPosted: 24 Jun 2008 15:50
by Starclassic
Hi All,

I was affected by the TB scandal.. My amazing seats in 65 were changed to 331..sheesh.. anyhow, I now need a new seat.. I'm up for one or two..

Many thanks to all..


PostPosted: 25 Jun 2008 03:18
by takeshi
I have two spare tickets.
Section 6 row A seats 7-8
Total Charge: US $ 801.05

If anyone is interested, please email me at


PostPosted: 27 Jun 2008 03:18
by jennym
[quote="jennym"]Selling PAIR for face - $798.50

Sec. 85 Row A seats 1-2

I got HARD tickets.
Email me![/quote]

HI Everyone! This pair is STILL available! These are great seats. First row of the Loge. You can see above everybody on the floor.

Contact me ASAP!
Thank you! Jen

PostPosted: 06 Jul 2008 07:20
by Ted
Hi all,

Have a pair of great seats in section 54 (loge) row H. Looking to swap for a single in section 2, row D to H. Want to be up close Andy side for the final show.

Probably will be more activity as we get nearer to Aug 7 but thought that I would put this out there now, just in case there are any enablers, or a scenario where someone has a great single up front and someone else is looking for a pair. Will sell at cost (TM presale 801.05). My pair are loge, Sting side, fourth aisle from the stage. From the seating plan looks like the equivalent of 23rd row on floor.

Please keep me posted if you hear of anything.


PostPosted: 07 Jul 2008 14:19
by njperry
I am lookign for a pair of MSG tix for August 7 finale.

Now I already have a pair that are now in section 420, which, of course, is not where they were when purchased. :(

But I am hoping for an upgrade to better seats in time for the show.

And if i get better seats, will have 2 seats in section 420 (Andy side) available.

So let me know if have you have a pair than now isn't needed.

PostPosted: 07 Jul 2008 19:00
by jennym
i've got a pair - Loge 85 Row A, seats 1 and 2. front row - right off the floor and you can see over everybodys' heads. I need to sell for face $798. I've got them on ebay, stubhub and craigslist so please contact me asap.

PostPosted: 07 Jul 2008 20:46
by njperry
i've got a pair - Loge 85 Row A, seats 1 and 2. front row - right off the floor and you can see over everybodys' heads. I need to sell for face $798. I've got them on ebay, stubhub and craigslist so please contact me asap. [/quote]

Thanks, Jenny. I will be passing for now (knowing passing for now probably means passing for ever). Haven't talked my concernt companion into paying an additional $400 for tickets.

May be willing to pay that as we get closer to the show but going to see what comes available. Good luck with selling them.

PostPosted: 08 Jul 2008 18:08
by Susan
A co-worker is looking for three tickets in the $179 price range. Email ASAP if you are looking to unload three together in this price range. Thanks!

EDIT: she purchased tickets in section 424 which apparently were unavailable the last time she checked! They didn't care where they sat so it's all good.

PostPosted: 08 Jul 2008 21:18
by copeland_girl5
I just got an email from TB :evil: (first communique from them ever- since the tix switcheroo debacle) stating that more tickets in each price level have now been released...good luck Kiddies....

BTW, I just knew they were gonna do this...figured the PBS sales would be slow...and if behind the stage seats show up...<grits teeth...MFrs>...I've already done some perusing and none at this point...

PostPosted: 09 Jul 2008 04:36
by jennym
I shamelessly looked at the TM site to see what new seats are available and I can tell you that they are not all that spectacular. The pair I have for sale at face are much better.

Desperately looking for two tickets for MSG!!

PostPosted: 18 Jul 2008 19:50
by Marcela
Please contact me. I want to get the best seats possible for this last show!!!

PostPosted: 19 Jul 2008 00:12
by jennym
I'm sorry Marcela, I sold my tix. Good luck!