Orlando Show - 5/16 - Two Tickets Wanted - 1 to Sell

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Orlando Show - 5/16 - Two Tickets Wanted - 1 to Sell

Postby mgstar1964 on 04 May 2008 05:07

Hello all,

I'm a diehard fanatic of this band (have been since 1983), I saw them twice in Florida last year, and I'm going to the two Florida concerts in May.

I have a single seat for the show in Orlando in May, but I have another friend who would like to go along with me for a "road trip" and concert experience.

Soooo, I'd like to sell my single seat, privately, if possible, to anyone who's interested - its a $50.00 seat + service charges = $61.00 or so ... 2nd level side view, unobstructed ...

Does anyone here know of anybody else who would be willing to sell a pair of unused tickets for the Orlando show - preferably in the $50-60.00 range?

I can be reached directly at: mgstar1964@aol.com, via email.

Thank you in advance.


Michael G.
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