Bizarro ticket question, perhaps.

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Bizarro ticket question, perhaps.

Postby sockii on 25 Jul 2007 03:08

OK, peeps, bear with me because I'm just uber-paranoid...

Ticketmaster tickets I've bought myself (either reg sale or BB presale) have all been green + grey in color. A couple I got that were floor seats for Fenway - bought through resale on Stubhub, from different sellers - are grey with purple and yellow accent colors on them. Is this normal? They otherwise look exactly like my other tickets. I'm just soooo itchy about the possibilities of fraudulent tickets these days I thought I'd ask just to soothe my paranoia.

(And the one for ticket type says "V-Type" - does that mean like the VIP Gold or Silver tickets or whatever? Other ones I've had I've seen with "BBuy" or "Fan Club" designations on them)...
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