Fan Club Concert May 27th - webcast!

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Should there be a Fan Club webcast of the May 27th show?

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Fan Club Concert May 27th - webcast!

Postby Nettie on 20 May 2007 18:49

For those of you not following along on the Police Tour site, we started a thread asking for the possibility of a Fan Club Webcast of the May 27th concert because we cannot all get there and it is, after all, a fan club concert.

Below is my ode to our plea.
If you have not posted there yet, the thread name is "Symbolic Vote on FC Show Webcast". And now, without further ado:

Webcast wish (sung to the tune of Deathwish)

Webcast wish suffered a slight
In spite of posts throughout the ni-ight
Never thought I'd see the daaay
HQ playing it this waaay

Gotta put my foot right down
If I had wings I'd fly there now
Vancouver too far away
People think that we're insa-ane


The day we asked for the webcast
Judgement that could be our last
It was wiped right off the slate
Can't believe this is our faa-aate

Not too late!
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