One (1) Floor seat, Denver, 18th row, June 10, face

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One (1) Floor seat, Denver, 18th row, June 10, face

Postby Grant on 05 Apr 2007 16:36

Hi- I have one extra ticket to a SC fan. I was trying to get
two of them up close but I only landed one. I have
tickets for my friend and I so I have to get rid of this one.
Please email me using my profile. CASH/Money order
only, preferably in Denver. Face value + ticketmaster

This ticket is on the floor, 18th row, in an aisle. You'll
have a view of the stage, all three guys. If they
film the show you are likely to get on the tee-vee.
(Ok I made that part up, but still, it could happen.)

Hurry up and buy this ticket so I can pay my taxes this year.
"Sting was a (expletive) before, and he really is now."- SC
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