A shame.....tickets for Paris

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A shame.....tickets for Paris

Postby meivy on 05 Apr 2007 11:41

hi everyone,i've tryed to buy some tickets for the french tour date in Paris the 29th of september,guess what!!!! ,all the places were sold in one and half hour !,iwas on my computer ,the server was full,no possibilities to get the famous tickets,as well i was right on time,but can you imagine 70,000 tickets sold in 1h30 ? Amazing? YES! something is turning wrong,you can't buy anymore tickets ,because it is "sold out" but you can find some on other website ,but the price is really not the same,x2,x3,x4...and more.

So i ask you buds,if you think this is fare? people like you and me can't really buy those tickets except some real fan more fortunated than others?

I wanna say that all these little industries that have possibilities to get the tickets ,that we should get ,just to sell them at a higher price,should not have the right to do that.the police tour company or producer should have a look to this !

i regret ,i will not see the police this time!
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Postby PhilippeC on 05 Apr 2007 14:13

Salut Meivy,

The same case for me, no ticket. And I don't trust those sites "offering" tickets by doubling, tripling... the price.

I hope they'll add some more dates. Andy said yesterday in the BBC interview (see Links section) there were at least 92 shows scheduled. I counted on TPT.com and only 62 shows have been officially confirmed. Maybe we can still hope for at least one more date in Paris?

And what about the fans who have not only to buy the concert tickets, but also to buy plane or TGV tickets to see The Police? This costs a lot and when you're married, with 2 kids, you can't spend all the money the way you want. I regret the guys don't care for this as many of their fans are now around 40 and don't necessarly live near Paris. Okay, more money than when we were 16, but with more responsabilities.

I didn't think all the tickets could be sold in France, and surely not only in 1 hour and half... I was wrong! I wanted to save the money and not subscribe to TPT but this is it: no ticket.
I think I'll take a membership at TPT.com (in the case, of course, that they add more french dates!) to access the presales as soon as they confirm more shows around here. Let's hope they will! :?
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