Atlanta Show in Early July?

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Atlanta Show in Early July?

Postby cpriddims on 03 Mar 2007 16:36

I am betting on The Police doing shows in Atlanta between July 3rd and July 10th. Just take a look at the tour folks!

July 2nd - ST Louis
July 3rd - St. Paul, MN
(big blank space! Headed south towards the Miami date?)
July 10th - Miami, FL

Anybody have word on this? I still may go ahead and buy Tampa tix then sell if Atlanta happens or not sell and go to both!
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Postby Grant on 03 Mar 2007 19:00

I hope not- I want to go to the putative Atlanta show and my folks will probably be here visiting around then-- plus it's my girlfriend's birthday...
I'm hoping perhaps in October. . .
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Postby Divemistress of the Dark on 03 Mar 2007 22:49

I am gonna be soooo broke if so, since I'm going to Bonnaroo, Dallas and St. Louis.

So, we think there's gonna be a second leg in 2008...?
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Postby roerigraider1 on 03 Mar 2007 22:54

Yo! don't forget Chicago!!! I think July 5th, and 6th
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