Miami: Phew! One more show to go... Tampa!

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Miami: Phew! One more show to go... Tampa!

Postby blueseattle on 02 Mar 2007 15:38

That was intimidating. I didn't think I'd grab any good seats but it turned out for the best. Anyone on here going to this?

I am definitely going to Tampa the next day too, so it'd be awesome to see some of you guys there... or in Miami.

I'm so happy.
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Postby PunkRockPoo on 02 Mar 2007 19:37

Count one more in for Miami!!! The presale wasn't so sure beats camping out! I've never scored good seats to a concert in my life and I took 2 tickets in section 20. I did find slightly better seats later on, but not good enough to go through the hassle of selling off the first pair. Bottom Line...I'm excited! I have tickets to see THE POLICE!!! HOT DAMN!!!

The last time the boys played in Miami, I was stuck listening to the concert on the radio.
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