I need your help!

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I need your help!

Postby Spec A! on 27 Feb 2007 16:12

Gio, or anyone else that may be able to help me out- here's the situation!

I've never seen The Police, and like all of you this a dream come true to see them on tour this year. My wife is pregnant with our second child due Aug 12th (but possibly earlier as my 1st was 7wks early). I live outside Houston and was initially planning on going to the Dallas show on 6/26 as it's still early enough that I won't have to worry about it conflicting with my wife's pregnancy just yet. Now that Houston is on the list of shows, I'd rather see the boys here in town as it'll have me less than an hour drive from home if need be.
The Problem is this- Houston has no dates yet- still TBD. The Dallas presale codes are now available from Best Buy. I really need to know when Houston will be because I want to save my code for that, but if it's too close to the due date I can't chance that, and will just go see them in Dallas! UGH!

So if anyone here has ANY info on when the Houston show will be, please please please please please pretty please with a cherry on top email me!! I will not tell a soul, I will just be able to know which show to save my code for. Time's running out!! This really stinks as I CANNOT miss either of these major events in my life! I'm hoping Houston will be played right after Dallas as there's three days between Dallas and New Orleans, Houston would be a logical fit right in between....

If anyone has any info on it and can let me know I would very much appreciate it.
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Postby Divemistress of the Dark on 28 Feb 2007 05:28

Will let you know if I see anything on the Houston show at TPT.com. Keep the faith!
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