Contest for Tickets to Police/Foos at Dodger Stadium!

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Contest for Tickets to Police/Foos at Dodger Stadium!

Postby GinaSuperCat on 23 Feb 2007 17:46

Haha--just realized I didn't post this in "Links" as I thought I had--will copy it over there :)

93.1 JACK FM is holding a contest for listeners to win tickets to this show (June 23). This is the same radio station that had the contest for tickets to the Rehearsals.

If you have already registered like I have you likely already received an email that gives some more specific information than the webpage link--the general info for the contest is to be the 7th caller when you hear a Police song. If you sign up for the "League of Ordinary Listeners" (a free-registration with the website to allow you to enter contests, get announcements, etc.) you may likely get the email announcement with the specific hints but in case you don't...

***Stewart forumers*** can email me at the following address for the more specific information about the contest (please do if you are registered and want to try to win these!)***I'll get back to you asap--bring it on!

Come on Stewart fans--let's win these if we can!!!
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