Question to Stewart Copeland

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Question to Stewart Copeland

Postby SpyroFan1995 on 28 Oct 2010 23:13

Alright, I'm new to this particular forum, and have no idea where to post this, so I'll leave it here.

I'm speaking on behalf of Stewart Copeland and would like to ask him a question. I'm very urged for an answer for this..Alright,

I have been knowing a game hacker named "LXShadow" who has been uploading videos of some hacks and scratched out levels in the Spyro and Crash series. With the horrid Spyro game people call it, well titled "Enter the Dragonfly", it only contained 8 levels, 1 home world, and 1 boss.
According to this press release by game spot: ... e=previews
It states "The game is set to offer 12 levels for players to explore" but the game only has nine nine [9] levels to explore (excluding the boss battle.)
However Twelve[12] (the number of expected levels) - Nine [9] (levels in the game)= Three [3], right? Well on the CD release, there were three, mysteriously songs that were added on to a CD package. These can be found here: ... re=related

These probably lead out you knew about these three levels since you stated before, ""The first step is completing the level [to make the music.]" Really, huh?
Well, if I may ask, if you remember; do you remember what the cut levels looked like? Do you have any concept art on your computer that you could probably share with the Spyro community? Thanks! :)

You can find me on Youtube at:
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