Stewart Copeland's podcast on SPYSCAPE

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Stewart Copeland's podcast on SPYSCAPE

Postby giovanni on 02 May 2021 17:08

Hayley Atwell and Vanessa Kirby narrate an eclectic mix of stories past and present, told by the real spies behind some of the world’s greatest operations. What secrets did they know? What were their skills? And what would YOU do if you were in their position? From SPYSCAPE, the Home of Secrets.

Vanessa Kirby and Stewart Copeland tell a story of coups, double agents and shoot-outs in Cold War Syria.

Damascus, 1949. Jazz musician and raconteur Miles Copeland Jr. is plotting to bring down the Syrian government. His son, musician Stewart Copeland (Sting’s drummer in The Police), shares the story - a tale of double agents, dangerous friendships and gunplay that shaped the unstable future of the Middle East - with Vanessa Kirby. Tune in to True Spies to hear this unlikely tale. ... e-podcasts
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