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PostPosted: 13 Aug 2008 19:05
by TheEqualizer
Youre just counting the Costello taping as Number 92 just to get over the 60% mark, aren't you. :wink: :lol:

Great great great story, Kel. It was a little hard to figure out what was going on with the the Flag even though I was just a few peeps down. I was kinda busy like watching a pretty good band. And trying to figure out how to get a pic of Taylor Hawkins now that my camera battery had died.

PostPosted: 13 Aug 2008 19:08
by BongoBoy
Way to make a grown man all emotional at work.

I felt it all over again...that last instalment did it.

Man what a Fucking ride on a white horse on a green background.

In 1980 you hear a drummer on the radio that makes you buy drums....28 years later I'm 40 feet away from a Flag Hoist.

Fucking A.


Thanks a lot.

wow, BongoSobbo.

PostPosted: 13 Aug 2008 19:11
by animal
Not a dry eye left in the house, where's the kleenex. :D

PostPosted: 13 Aug 2008 19:11
by BongoBoy
I'll bet you $5 Canadian that Stewart is reading this thread and is waiting for the conclusion before he gets in here and all Heck breaks loose.

I'll bet Cha !

I hope we see a photo of it on his wall. (behind his kit?)

THAT will be the final destination.

This is so fun.


PostPosted: 13 Aug 2008 19:19
by bella
[quote="BongoBoy"]I hope we see a photo of it on his wall. (behind his kit?)


I get chills at the thought of this.

PostPosted: 13 Aug 2008 19:33
by DirtyMartini
[quote="TheEqualizer"]Youre just counting the Costello taping as Number 92 just to get over the 60% mark, aren't you. :wink: :lol: [/quote]

Damn straight.

92/154 = 59.74% => 60%


PostPosted: 13 Aug 2008 19:55
by Charliearnoid
Such a great story Kel... I love the part about turning around and seeing all the thank-you's on the floor. We inundated the section behind us where JennyM was, not to mention all the folks in our immediate vicinity in Section 2.

It's nice to hear about all the little things that you guys noticed in the pit that were too far away for most of us to see. It really paints a picture of the emotions that most folks didn't get to see. Thank you.

PostPosted: 13 Aug 2008 20:10
by Madgrad
Oh, man, when we saw that Stewart had the flag ON STAGE, 111 went BERZERK! I love that you can hear TDude and Ska Man (LOVE the new avi, btw) on Maud's vid. The people in the section next to us thought we were nuts!

PostPosted: 13 Aug 2008 21:04
by tonydrums
Holy shit on a flag covered shingle!

This is some read.

DM + flag+ Stewart + nutters = an incredible year on

PostPosted: 13 Aug 2008 21:24
by sixteenlaps

DM + flag+ Stewart + nutters = an incredible year on[/quote]


PostPosted: 13 Aug 2008 21:52
by Hannaha
Weirdly I could feel my heart pounding during those last few installments even though I was stood next to you for the happy ending of the story! I can't get over the fact that the flag fulfilled its destiny. It must be one happy flag.

PostPosted: 13 Aug 2008 22:18
by Moeskido
I'm ashamed to admit to how much of this process I missed while it happened right in front of my face. I'll cover by reminding myself how dazzled I was by the enormity of this entire day. And by Hannaha's gams.

PostPosted: 13 Aug 2008 22:30
by Hannaha
Yeah, apologies to Moe and everyone for showing up looking like a cheap hooker - it wasn't intentional, I can be a bit dumb about that stuff at times!

PostPosted: 13 Aug 2008 22:30
by Tamadude
I can't breathe.

It feels like someone is pressing 'pause' mid-breath, like a scene from The Matrix or something.

How can I pen my own tale when all these cliff-hangers are ongoing?

Don't stop anymore, please.


PostPosted: 13 Aug 2008 22:37
by mj
Now i would like to hear from THE MAN himself... not only the last installment to this story... if he read the little names on the flag or where is it now, but THE WHOLE STORY from his point of view... how cool would that be??? :)