MSG Finale Flag Report, a.k.a., Yes, that flag was THE Flag.

Postby perryl on 13 Aug 2008 22:38

Awe...Kel! GREAT GREAT story...thank you for every word...I seriously am about to break into tears here! The story is so FULL of every emotion under the sun...I don't know how you held it together but i'm so fucking happy for you and Mo and all your hard work and devotion for THE MAN! And all the hard work of all of Copelandia!!!

And to see it happen on those amazing videos...HOLY SHIT! It seems dream like...but by GONG you did it...and HE has it...and i'm on top of the moon for you *HUGE HUGS*

I'm soooo damn fucking sad I couldn't be there...I just could NOT get away from work early...I was swamped :? The pictures do me in every time...ACK

THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART for letting me share in all this madness with you Kel...i'll never forget that night in Mansfield...and i'll never forget that I had a wee little part in this most fabulous crazy little scheme for one of the koolest drummers of all time.



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Postby Susan on 13 Aug 2008 22:39

I"m home today with a cold :( and only fired up the computer to see how this progresses. :D
I'm glad the flag went up earlier than planned. What a nice surprise!
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Postby bella on 13 Aug 2008 23:03

[quote="Hannaha"]Yeah, apologies to Moe and everyone for showing up looking like a cheap hooker - it wasn't intentional, I can be a bit dumb about that stuff at times![/quote]

I'm sure you don't have to apologize to the male persuasion at all! lol. And my dear, if I had a bod like yours, I'd be wearing the same thing!
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Postby conroy on 13 Aug 2008 23:11

Time to update the "Little Engine that Could" story to "The Little Green Flag that Did"
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Postby visions on 14 Aug 2008 00:39

Thanks Kellie

great story

still have a lump in my throat

so amazing

Thanks for the latest pic of flaggy and finally found my name :wink:

so flaggy - always causing trouble

probably threw out your ticket

it not like you had other things to worry about :roll:

loosing the ticket would have freaked me out completely

you made it, flaggy made it and a good time was to be had by all :D

what a way to finish the tour

who needs the 80's when we have this lot and one green monster that took on the world and won and now finally arrived at it final destination

The Copeland Home

none of this would happen if it wasn't for one amazing man who actually cares

Kiss me you fool
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Postby TheEqualizer on 14 Aug 2008 00:46

Yeah, flaggy through out your ticket cuz it didn't want to leave you. If you didn't get in, flaggy thought you couldn't hand it over to The Man.
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Postby Larissa on 14 Aug 2008 01:15

Damn you woman! I managed to get through the show with nary a tear shed; I was emotional but unweeping when I said my goodbyes to my fellow Nutters and Floozies; but heckfire if I didn't just wibble and blink out a little moisture, reading that final instalment, where you turned and saw all those Thank Yous filling the floor, one of which was mine. :D

You're a fucking marvel. :mrgreen:
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Postby DirtyMartini on 14 Aug 2008 01:33

I need to plagiarize myself a bit. Sorry about that. But it turns out that what I said last week on very little sleep is pretty much what I need to say today:

The Flag began as a lark. A road sign. A sign post. An eminently visible, markedly familiar billboard to make it possible to find faceless -- at times even nameless -- strangers in airports, restaurants, random meet-up corners, overhangs, and underpasses.

What it became -- thanks to hundreds of strangers and the unique drummer whose music they all kinda dig -- was a movement, a meme, a rallying cry, and a most disgusting symbol of love, support, devotion, and appreciation. It has had joy; it has had tears; it has had drama -- boy howdy, has it had drama.

But by the simple -- and simply mad -- act of pointing, Stewart has turned a daft little grassroots idea into an open door into the world of the band and has brought together hundreds of fans -- those who have served, those who have supported, and those who have witnessed both in person and online -- and embraced them into the ceremony of The Police.

When I wrote that^, the Flag's fate was still unwritten. Schemes had been dreamed, but plans hadn't been solidified. There was no telling which way the wind would blow.

What resulted at Madison Square Garden last week could not have been more true: the Flag -- and therefore all that it has come to mean and represent -- was flown by Stewart on stage during the final ceremony of The Police.


Brad and Jeff and a crack team of flag-pole builders made that possible -- but Stewart made that happen. You all made that happen. Stewart and you all gave reason for that to happen. Like Giovanni pointed out somewhere when folks were watching the live webcast, every person that signed the Flag was on stage with the band that night. I would add that every person who has supported Stewart and his flag was as well.

Yeah, I know, kumbaya and blahtyblah -- but the reality is that every one of you that supported that nasty green flag -- Stewart included -- gave reason for it to exist. It never would have become what it did -- good, bad, ugly, wanky, beautiful, and crazy -- without the love and support of a bunch of fans for a drummer and that drummer's love and support right back.

There have been times throughout the year where I've worried that perhaps we might be doing more harm than good, that perhaps this flag thing had become more an obligation than an amusement to Stewart, more a dividing element rather than a unifying one. The last thing that any of us would want would be for a show of affection to become a cause for strife. But once again -- just like with all those people telling me their stories at Fat Annie's -- my concerns and my doubts were assuaged when faced with an email about a flag on a gong and the reality of the impact that the daft thing had had on high.

Frankly, that reality was unnerving. It kind of still is. It's also pretty extraordinary.

It has taken more than 75 Flag-Bearers and Flag Mules to get that green monster around the world; it has taken innumerable folks to give it purpose; and it has taken one drummer to give it life. Things haven't always gone according to plan -- sometimes things have even gone to hell in a handbasket -- but despite a few comedies of errors, that ugly green cloth has survived.

Even better, it has thrived.

And strangely, *because* of some of those comedies of errors, it has even turned out better than planned.

Take this unnecessarily overblown recounting of last week's events, for instance. Despite all the headache and all the headache that I likely caused poor St. Jeff (hi, St. Jeff), the Flag-on-Gong plan had to be scrapped. But what resulted was so much better than I could have imagined. Instead of the Flag being handed up from the audience for the last song and witnessed by a select few, all the folks at home watching the encores via webcast got to see Stewart's flag live on stage at Madison Square Garden. Simultaneously alll over the world, folks got to experience the visual of a broken and battered cloth with the sound of the words "Welcome to the Stewart Copeland Show." Just imagine the surprise and the pride and the connection that must have been felt. At that one moment, a little green flag tied a drummer on a stage, some folks scattered around the Garden, and some folks scattered around the globe together personally.

Not bad for a random little project by strangers for a stranger whose protagonists had never actually communicated.

I would love to be able to thank a number of amazing souls individually for the efforts that they have put into this project, but those numbers reach past 100 -- and if I forget anyone, I'll feel lousy. So I'm afraid I must address you all with a generic "Thank You, everyone" and limit my individual thanks to the tall lanky dude who hits shit with sticks:

Stewart, you must be truly tired of listening to me be all grateful and stuff over and over again -- but you simply have no one to blame but yourself. By reaching out (literally) to your fans, you transformed a silly little project into a means of connection and community. Thank you for some incredible moments, some amazing opportunities, and one crazy-ass year. Flags can be recreated, but you, sir, are Just The One.

--Oh, yeah -- heh -- so where is the Flag now?

At least as of Monday evening, a ratty green flag had been spotted (and likely pointed at) in a studio in the state of California, its gong-awful shade of green visually polluting the elegant earth tones of the surrounding decor.

After 91 concerts, 5 continents, 14 months of wandering, hundreds of hands, and something like 83,000+ miles, the Little Flag That Could has finally found a home.

As for any further details -- who sniffed it first, who will get sick first, where and how it will be stored, how long until the household buries it in the garden, etc. -- I'm afraid I don't know.

You'll have to ask Stewart.

Tell him to call me.


PS -- <point>
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Postby Bry on 14 Aug 2008 01:37


I love happy endings!!!!
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Postby bella on 14 Aug 2008 01:40

[quote="DirtyMartini"]you, sir, are Just The One.[/quote]

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Postby Divemistress of the Dark on 14 Aug 2008 01:44

*more goosebumps*

I think saying anything else will just be more words...and that DM has said all that really needs to be said about this.

OK, darnit, I'm tearing up too.
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Postby Tamadude on 14 Aug 2008 01:46



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Postby animal on 14 Aug 2008 01:47

I need more tissues.
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Postby English-lion on 14 Aug 2008 02:05

Thank you Kellie for that fun of tracking this crazy bastard of a flag

Thank you Stewart ........Just thank you for being you 8)
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Postby TOWOS on 14 Aug 2008 02:12

Awwww....The Flag among all those exotic artifacts....A touch of green and a labor of love.

(actually, the Flag is pretty exotic too).

And You Know it's a love and bacteria concentrate, but, like my absolute music hero (NOT a drummer) once said, "Music has to have bacteria".

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