An Insight Vault

An Insight Vault

Postby Paul Wilson on 12 Apr 2005 22:04

Hi there, I'm hoping not to sound like a pretentious drummer here. I think all these tracks are really interesting, they are a varied mix. I think the first track is excellent, its an exciting track with the flowing drum fills, I know nothing about Khadja Ninh, but I really like the voice the way it blends with music its very different to anything else I have heard but I think its cool. I also have never heard anything of Stings son Joseph Sumner so thanks for the opportunity, maybe I'll be able to hear more if this gets released, before 2030 please!

Its good to be able to hear the tracks you have made for scenes, because theres not a picture to distract from the music, its possible to get a really good feel of the dynamics that you have created in the music. The final track is cool, I've have experimented with editing software in my work experience week in a recording studio, so I can appreciate the work a lot! The `Find the Sock` Track almost has me laughing just listening to it, hope you do get to knock some producer off his perch.

Thanks very much for the vault, just last week I managed to track down and buy the Rhythmatist CD off ebay (It needs a re-release as does the video on DVD!) I'm really fascinated by your use of different types of sounds from the likes of Africa. Its meant that I am now even less content with just playing straight rock, I have been trying to add more to dynamics to my playing for a while now and maybe work up my own clear identity as a drummer. Latin is now one of my favourite alternatives to playing rock, its so much more dynamic, I absolutely love Gloria Estefans `Unwrapped` album with Manu Katche on drums I'd recommend that to anyone, drummers particularly.

Thanks for your music and drumming Stewart, the vault is a very interesting collection!
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