On which Police track did SC play best and why?

Postby Franco on 18 Feb 2006 23:58

Have to agree with Georgy Girl on this. Another way of stopping on zen is just the best track but also agree with her that I like all the tracks he drummed on. It's only my personal opinion but to me, as a guitarist and as I say on my sig, what Stewart does for me, listening wise, is the same as what Jimi Hendrix does when I listen to him on the guitar. If only Jimi wasn't an unfortunate casualty of drugs or the FBI or whatever people believe happenned to him (personally I believe the latter), them 2 could have possibly got together and wrote and performed some amazing stuff, with lyrics/music written by Bob Marley (stop dreaming Frank!)

Just query for the guys argueing (in their head) the difference between 3/4 and 6/8 (eg on murder by). Mathematically simplified they are the same thing and musically just doubled (well in my opinion anyway, I'm not the greatest on theory but have a good ear and good maths brain, well I think (hope) so). Don't you agree.

How about this one. On the Jools Holland interview on the 'weirdos' (quote SC) unofficial website where Stew says (not literally) "The only difference with reggae is that the back beat lands on the '3' and I don't know how they came up with it. It's like a paridine of the cosmos"(something like that I think). However if you double the bar in your head the back beat lands on the '2'. Thats how I teach some of my fellow musicians the easy approach to understanding the origins of reggae (well it works in my head, especially on the drumming side). Only my theory but does anyone agree with me. I doubt it Franco. Would like 2 hear a reply on that, if anyone sees it that way. Am a huge reggae (drum n' bass side of it, mainly) fan. Peace.

PS - Is it me or have I got 2 much 2 say. I don't want to come across as a dcik but probably am.
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Postby foxy on 19 Feb 2006 04:16

My vote is two: The other way of stopping and No time this time. :wink: And let me send a hug for the excelent post from Franco, the dreamer. :oops:
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Postby Mrs. Gradenko on 21 Feb 2006 03:37

Ok I was thinking about this on the way to school this morning.

OK you might thing my list is to long, but ... I don't care. :P

-Dead End Job
-Nothing Acheiving
-Be My Girl-Sally
-Next To You
-It's Alright For You
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Another one

Postby georgygirl on 21 Feb 2006 06:09

Regatta de Blanc

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