On which Police track did SC play best and why?

On which Police track did SC play best and why?

Postby JL on 30 Jan 2006 19:30

My choices:

1. Murder by Numbers: The way he disguises a 3/4 time signature inside a 4/4, is fantastic in the intro. The cymbal work is great. The snare work is definative and clean. If I had turn anyone on to SC's playing technique, it would be with this song.

2. Driven to Tears: Again, great cymbal work. Loud, clear fills.

3. Message in a Bottle: See above.

Stewart has said One World is his fav, but not for me because of the repetition.

Postby BongoBoy on 31 Jan 2006 12:36

I would say One World, totally live sounding...I read it practically was!

- Spirits in the Material World (love the swapping of the snare and kik)
- Hole in my Life
- Masoka Tanga (love the de-tuned octo's at the end)

and many many more.
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Postby Spec A! on 31 Jan 2006 15:32

Driven to Tears has always been the stand out for me too, with Murder being a very close second. (I always felt it was more 6/8 than 3/4)

All the songs listed are tops. Bring on the Night (esp. live), Bed's Too Big (again live), I burn for you, there's so many that just inspire! I always loved the sound he had on the Strontium 90 album, especially New World Blues.:)
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Postby JL on 01 Feb 2006 16:35

I suppose Murder could actually start in a 3/4 or 6/8 (I cant differentiate the two), then switch to a 4/4 just before the vocal starts. Obviously, I'm not a drummer, but I know good drumming.

Also, on Regatta, it sounds like there's a time signature change to a 2/4 when the "chas" start, alternating between the double bass hit on 1 and the snare/cymbals on 2 (or 2 and 4 if it's in 4/4).

Are there any drum sheet music books for the Police available?

Postby sockii on 03 Feb 2006 03:07

Are there any drum sheet music books for the Police available?

Not exclusively drums, but there's a Complete Score book out from Japan of the tracks on the "Every Breath..." Best of album. Found it on ebay a couple years ago. I wish it had more songs than it does, but it's the best I've found so far (and I've managed to struggle my way through a couple of the songs successfully...I only wish I had more time to practice my playing than I do!)
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Postby ChrisD on 03 Feb 2006 17:02

Their is a Police drum book avialable on the Hal Leonard main site.

"Murder by numbers" is definitely my fave. "Contact" is pretty good as well and "Tea in the sahara" live on the fourth disc of message in a box is pretty amazing.
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Postby ChrisD on 03 Feb 2006 17:09

"King of Pain" and "Wrapped around your finger" are also incredible.They sound so easy but when you listen to all of the accents and rudiments he's doing on the hi-hat/cymbals/snare.....it becomes quite intricate indeed.I like the "Animal Logic" album as well.
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Postby BongoBoy on 03 Feb 2006 19:34

also, the Brimstone and Treacle soundtrack has some fantastic drumming. I really got into that "how stupid mr bates" rimshot on the two.

and of course the awesome Burn for You.

What has Stewart played on that is NOT that great?, might be less (none) responses. (besides Don't Stand so Close 86) but that doesn't count as he had an injury.

Boy, that session was a lost opportunity...funny how Fate works.

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Postby zilboy on 04 Feb 2006 00:17

There was a magazine years ago called Drum Charts Magazine. There was an issue where someone had transcribed several Police tunes. I have those charts - they are pretty darn accurate.

The best way to figure Stewart's stuff out is to just listen to it over and over. My last band used to do several Police tunes, they would always be a cross between the recorded and live versions. I would play what I thought were the absolutely essential Copeland licks/fills note for note, but mostly I would just try to think like him and capture the spirit of the drum parts.

I also love the Strontium 90 stuff - really shows off his versatility. However, if you want to hear Stewart-the-oh-so-perfect-session-musician, check out Airborne from Curved Air. He does some great double bass in 12/8 on "Moonshine." His playing on those albums was sooo slick, smooth, and polished, you have to wonder if it's really him.
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Postby animal on 05 Feb 2006 01:17

my faves are...

Reggatta de Blanc, Demolition Man, Voices inside my Head
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I was thinking...

Postby georgygirl on 05 Feb 2006 05:32

My favorite is The other way of stopping, but in all Police material, for me drums are the soul of all songs.

Is difficult to prefer just one.


The reason why the drums are soul, is because Stewart said in Orchestralli DVD, a drumer can have a good style and technique, but when you play with your heart, makes the difference. (is not textually word by word from Stewart, I am just writing how I understand his words)

Now I know why his druming is different.

I loved and like the drums of all Police songs.

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Postby Guest on 10 Feb 2006 16:21

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Postby Brandnew on 18 Feb 2006 16:23

Of course Murder,

but also "Voices inside my head". Ok he didn't make a revolution with it but at the end of the song he plays something... really good (yeah, I'm no drummer)

Also : "The other way of stopping" (shows how a drum can save a song from nothingness... sorry to be rude on that)

And finally
Bed's too big without you (never heard that excellent reggea drum has been played like that)
Every little thing (because he did it in one shot)

And of course "Invisible sun". I think he shows in that one that a drum can explain something about the song.

And last of last : because there has to be a worst... And I'm sorry to mention that. But the worst would be "Every breath you take"...

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Postby Al on 18 Feb 2006 19:30

Message In A Bottle,without any doubt.

Fave Stewart track

Postby lcwell on 18 Feb 2006 23:19

'No time this time' from Regatta gets my vote. The drum passages at the end of the song are so original, I can listen to them endlessly.
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