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PostPosted: 18 Jul 2007 18:33
Hi folks!

Thanks for all of your birthday felicitations. The tour is going by so fast that it’s a blur. We’re actually getting pretty good! I’ve hit the gong perfectly for several gigs in a row now…

I love seeing the green flag out there. It was so close in Cleveland that Andy almost tripped over it.

Many, many thanks for all of your support. I love you all (including you Deitmar!)

PostPosted: 18 Jul 2007 18:34
by DirtyMartini
I can't say it enough --

Thank you, Stewart.

PostPosted: 18 Jul 2007 18:34
by Kalypso
I.LOVE.YOU.MADLY!!!!! :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

PostPosted: 18 Jul 2007 18:37
by Bob from NJ

PostPosted: 18 Jul 2007 18:38
by Mrs. Gradenko
Loved the show, love your work... would love another Oysterhead album. :wink:

Thanks for everything.

PostPosted: 18 Jul 2007 18:40
by Skip
So cool- I love this forum!
Thanks Stewart!

PostPosted: 18 Jul 2007 18:41
by samburusunset
Oh my gosh, Stewart!! The show in Cleveland was EXCELLANT! You looked like you were having the time of your life. LOVE the Leroy Coolbreeze shirt!
I had the best seat (3rd row - right smack in front of you!!) and you made my day when I got a dbl thumbs up right before you guys took the stage :wink: I was soooo glad I could be there to help celebrate your birthday with you. I can tell you first hand that Dirty Martini got teary eyed more than a few times and she admitted that that's sooo not like her. Going to see you at Hershey on Friday and I can't wait!!

(There's an ES: TPIO screening in Balto- 7/21 --see my topic post)

PostPosted: 18 Jul 2007 18:43
by policerule
thanks so much stewart! see you in philly!

that's great news about the gong :lol:

PostPosted: 18 Jul 2007 18:44
by Hannaha
HURRAH! The flag gets its official acknowledgement!

PostPosted: 18 Jul 2007 18:49
by nancyrose
Thank you for sharing your birthday with us, were awesome!!

See you on Sunday...flag Toronto!!

We love you too!!

PostPosted: 18 Jul 2007 18:51
by stevel
Hey great to hear from you thanks for posting!
Hurry up and get to the UK!



PostPosted: 18 Jul 2007 18:53
by Laz
Full speed ahead! You da man!


PostPosted: 18 Jul 2007 18:57
by English-lion
Ohh I'm scramming like a little girl :D :D :D

I saw your guys on May 28th and I'm hoping that some money will fall from the sky so I can see you again

Big kiss on the cheek I'm... feeling... a..... bet....... dizzy....... :mrgreen:

PostPosted: 18 Jul 2007 18:57
by phaty
Thank fuck for that!

PostPosted: 18 Jul 2007 19:02
by BongoBoy
(Heh,heh.......ahh Phaty....hilarious!)

Great to hear a "Confirmo" on the "Flago" !

Thanks for jumpin in !

BongoHolyFuckO !