Happy birthday, Gio!!!

Happy birthday, Gio!!!

Postby Lady P on 08 Nov 2005 15:14

Tomorrow (November 9th) is Giovanni's birthday!
I'm sure Stewart's virtual community will join me in wishing him a very very happy birthday. Have a wonderful day, Gio!
(OK, I'm not revealing your age! :wink: )
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Lady P
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Postby BongoBoy on 08 Nov 2005 15:28

Happy Birthday Giovanni !!!

We appreciate all your hard work.

Try to keep a "straight face" and ask Mr Copeland if he'll play your birthday party....then pause...and tell him your just kidding, you've hired a jazz band and you don't need him. (heh, heh).

Then he can find someone else to do his web page. (LOL!).

Seriously have some nice red wine on a patio and watch the beautiful Italian women walk by....(I gotta go buy a plane ticket!)

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Postby Joey10 on 21 Dec 2005 21:10

Lady P wrote:Tomorrow (November 9th) is Giovanni's birthday!

I completly agree....this is actually what my theisis was based upon.
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