Postby cpriddims on 01 Jun 2007 03:46

What? The guys messed up at one of the first shows?


Stewart, this is why The Police (and any other legendary group) have always been so successful...You pay attention to every detail and are never totally satisfied. You polish even the finest details. This is important because when there is a problem and something does go wrong, it is normally unnoticable at least to the general public's eyes and ears because everything is done in fine detail.

Sure we musician types notice the things that go wrong, but we are so overwhelmingly happy to see you guys doing it again that we "DON'T CARE!"

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Postby Laz on 01 Jun 2007 04:17

You know, I think it's quite telling what Sting said in the little intro thing on stage before the FC show/dress rehearsal:

"now...there's gonna be some mistakes...and I know...I know you'll enjoy them!"

I'm kinda regretting having left Vancouver before the 5/30 show, to be honest.

Laz :wink:

ps. STEWART!! How about some more echo/delay on the drumset! (not just mixed soft behind the hi-hat at the beginning of Walking On The Moon.) PLEASE don't be bashful with the classic Stewart drumset delay/echo!!
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Postby Philip on 01 Jun 2007 08:20

thanks stewart,
"I like the freshness and the new energy... " said someone. I like that idea.

And thanks for thinking about your fans, represented by Dietmar. The German guy will never show too much of how he feels. But even if he is collecting every news paper, without distinction, on the other hand, he is able to do real critics, to appreciate, not only to accept everything just because it’s the Police.
For instance he was the first to say the first show was not that perfect.

Thinks have sense. The Police lives… it’s not just smooth Céline Dion.
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A question...

Postby coccamona on 01 Jun 2007 08:30

Don't worry Stewart! I appreciate the "humanity" of the new reunion!!
I like to be in touch with The Police more than in the '80.....
Internet is the best to do and you use it at the best to give us a feedback of our curiosity.. Thank Stewart.
Last question: who is Dietmar!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!? 8)
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Postby DirtyMartini on 01 Jun 2007 12:40

[quote="STEWART"]We get to the end of the first verse and I snap into the chorus groove – and Sting doesn’t. He’s still in the verse. We’ll have to listen to the tapes tomorrow to see who screwed up, but we are so off kilter that Sting counts us in to begin the song again.[/quote]

So STEWART, honey -- you gonna tell us who screwed up? :wink:
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Postby Midori on 01 Jun 2007 14:46

"now...there's gonna be some mistakes...and I know...I know you'll enjoy them!"

So you are kind of "a man of foresight", Stingo! 8)

To Stewart ; can I have you a request for you?
How about adding "Syn I " in the FASTEST version onto the setlist
in someday?

I think it's a 'fuel' as the first song of a gig. You may not know, but
Syn I is more popular than Syn II here in Japan.
If the Japan leg started with this tune, you could see us running riot
in front of you! :mrgreen:
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Postby olivier on 01 Jun 2007 16:14

Stewart, you'll be on the top for the european shows !! :)
Can't wait to see you in London and Paris !

Dietmar, I hope to see you in Paris as well !!! :wink:
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Postby Allegra on 01 Jun 2007 16:28


When you're human about the situation, it just makes you a better person.

I loved this story, and I hope you post more during the tour!

And don't worry. Even U2 has off shows. So you're not alone.

Seeing The Police live for the very first time - priceless!
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About KK's blog...

Postby georgygirl on 01 Jun 2007 16:40

After all, before KK is a musician, he is a jounalist, isn't he?

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May 27 non-gig was so great, I almost gave birth!

Postby Marcela on 01 Jun 2007 17:21

I appreciate the self-criticism and the fact that the Police are working so hard. I was at the fan-only show and couldn't believe how well they played and Sting's awesome power as a performer and Stewart's incredible skills and enthusiasm. I danced the whole time and I am 8 months pregnant! I loved "Bed," which is one of the sexiest songs ever because of the drums. Stewart, please play it again in Oakland; I'm going back, even if my husband objects. Love always,
Marcela from Bolivia
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Postby GinaSuperCat on 01 Jun 2007 18:03

<cries a little> Ok, I do have to say that this broke my heart, just a little, even though fully understanding it:

"4,000 people doesn’t count as a gig in the Police scale of things)"

Heh, fans can be so tempermental! <grin>
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Re: A question...

Postby samburusunset on 01 Jun 2007 19:28

[quote="coccamona"]Last question: who is Dietmar!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!? 8)[/quote]

WHO IS DIETMAR??!! Only the Police uberfan of the world! Stick around here my friend and you'll see the wisdom and knowledge of Dietmar.

AND, you'll "get" what Stewart's about. Unlike the lame "journalists" who've acted like they've got exclusive news on the tour. Even with their heads out of their asses, they won't ever get The Man.

BTW, welcome.
Stewart and Stanley together again!! YO!
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Postby blueboy on 01 Jun 2007 21:55

I've just been listening to a bunch of youtube clips from the Mar 30 show, and I have to say I think Stewart maybe is being a little too critical.

Even if there were some big screwups (that aren't on the clips I saw), the overall "vibe" is coming across great, and it sounds pretty damn good. I think Andy's guitar sounds a little higher int he mix which is good as well.

Edit: OK, I just heard the premature chorus lead-in on Roxanne, which was pretty funny...but nothing to lose sleep over!

Now hurry up and finish the tour Stewart.....

I want my....

I want my....

I want my....DVD!!!

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Postby Duke on 01 Jun 2007 22:10

From what I've heard/listened too - I gotta agree with Stu. Sure there were some great moment but there were some not so great moments.

Not sure what's missing. Sure, I didn't think it would be the police of old but alot of these reworkings just aren't cutting it in my book. The Police have been my favorite band for 25 years or so. I've never had to take a break from them like I've done with other bands. With the police, imo, there was a certain ammount of...professional sloppiness which I loved. Not hearing it with these new arrangements. That reworking of Don't Stand is pretty bad. It's like the ugly, slack jawed son of the original and the 86 version that was raised by the version Sting did on the All This Time DVD. Wish they would just go back to the original version. Oh and Sting probably needs to start playing with a pick again. That and upping the tempo alot.

I also think that there was a bit of backstage aggression/fussin' and fightin' that carried over to the stage and influenced their sound. That's gone now as all they do is gush over each other in the press. Not sure how to get that back that X factor other than Stu reaching across the breakfast table and slapping the taste out of Sting's mouth.

I'm gonna attribute most of this to ring rust. They haven't played together in 20+ years. That's longer than most bands careers. As far as band dynamics - this isn't a reunion so much as it is them putting a band together and finding their groove.

Big props to Stu though for being honest. When Phil toured with Ryan Adams a few years ago - I had the displeasure of listening to them destroy every Dead song I've ever held dear. All we got from Phil and company was something to the effect of 'everything's cool - we're just taking it in a new direction.' Not sure when Suck became a direction.

Still, looking forward to Bonnaroo and St. Louis though. Hopefully they will have hit their stride by then.
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Postby DirtyMartini on 01 Jun 2007 22:15

I would just like to point out that in only approx 38 hours (assuming my math is correct), this thread has gotten over 10,000 hits.

10,000 hits.
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