Postby JohnM on 31 May 2007 19:32

Man, these things happen! No-one's perfect...

I'm sure everyone in the audience had a ball anyway! Looking forward to your dates over this side of the pond!!
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Postby juleverde on 31 May 2007 19:33

Stew -

At one point I believe someone over on TPT.com said something to the effect of "Sting could get up there and read from the phone book while Stewart and Andy plink out 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' 500 times in a row and everyone would *still* be beside themselves with joy."

Well, I think that's probably not too far off the mark. 8)

You guys are up on the stage, playing together, having fun, and mistakes or no, playing music that we all adore. And despite what some might think, you are all also human. There's not much else to say.

See you next week in Seattle!!!
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Postby Marshmallow Jones 1 on 31 May 2007 20:52

obviously Deitmar, your presence is too much for Stew to handle.

At least no one threw a bottle thru your kick drum reso head Stewart. You might have had to do something crazy, like, oh i dont know, dance a little jig at the front of the stage while it was changed... :lol:

Stewart, can you tell us if this mondo huge-o percussion set up was something the band came up with as a whole, or was it a solo decision and did it take some selling to the guys?
Thanks Stewart!

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Postby bella on 31 May 2007 21:01

Who ever heard of a first person review? Only You, Stew.

What a joy to read.


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Postby GinaSuperCat on 31 May 2007 21:30

I just spent like the last hour laughing my ass off, not at the mistakes or how things went wrong, or the distress it must have been, of course, but by the way you responded to those things. I have always thought that if you had to choose one weapon against the world, that a sense of humor is the best choice, every time. It's like the only trump in the rock/paper/scissors scenario. To be able to stare the Biggest Thing Ever square in the face, say fuck it, its only music, and hug each other while laughing hysterically as things go sideways, that has to be the most important answer, that's the key, that's it...right there <grin>
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Postby dafttart on 31 May 2007 21:54

By all (other) accounts the show on the 30th was fab - maybe mistakes are the way forward, Stewart!!!

It's good to know that you guys can laugh at the ridiculous :lol:

This is making me look forward to Twickenham even more.

Soooooooooooo glad that you're having fun!

Lol, Helen xx
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Postby mudspoke on 31 May 2007 22:05


All I can say is, You are fucking cool!

Mas tequila, mi hermano!

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Postby sockii on 31 May 2007 22:19

[quote="Marshmallow Jones 1"]
Stewart, can you tell us if this mondo huge-o percussion set up was something the band came up with as a whole, or was it a solo decision and did it take some selling to the guys?[/quote]

Yes, please! This is a story I'd love to hear. I can only imagine Sting & Andy's first reactions to the Gong of Doom...
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the book

Postby giovanni on 31 May 2007 22:30

thank you very much Stewart, for this little gem of story.... you have to write a book...but...ok, read the other topic about the book.
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Postby VancouverCanada on 31 May 2007 22:59

Thanks for your concert review Stewart. Too funny!!

I went to the May 27 fanclub show in section 117 & then May 30 front row floor. Nice to have the 2 different vantage points when seeing 2 shows.

I knew some little things were going wrong May 30, but I think it only added to the performance. I certainly had no idea it was a "disaster" show. LOL.

My Mom thoroughly enjoyed her front row seat for her 75th birthday.

I thought it was funny at the end of the concert yesterday when Sting played up that he was crying since it had been said he was teary eyed at the end of the May 27th show. (My husband insists he saw Sting clearly teary eyed on the big screen at the end of the May 27 show).

I'd like to thank you guys for having a great security set-up, and such excellent sound, lighting, screens, etc. It was awesome!!

Re the security. Your security & control of people on the floor was excellent. I hate going to a show on the floor & having to fight idiots who appear from all over the arena & are allowed to wander wherever.

In Vancouver, I am used to seeing security being totally useless & even always escorting their "friends" up to the stage from the back or from the stands & allowing them to create total chaos on the floor.

Front row at the Rolling Stones in Vancouver was an absolute nightmare. So much for being front row when hundreds of people who don't belong there wander in front of you & push & shove you all night long. Total unenjoyable chaos -- ruined the show for us. Everybody was allowed to just wander from all over the floor to the front row.

Tell Sting to talk to his buddy Springsteen too. Tell him to employ your security people, as well as your sound people!!! Please?!
Bruce has had real issues in those 2 areas.
I've taken my Mom to Springsteen concerts on the floor where it has been questionable that she/we will come out of their alive.

Thanks for the Vancouver concerts & please come back again! Hope you enjoyed your time here.

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Postby conroy on 01 Jun 2007 00:32

[quote="samburusunset"]Wish we could all go to Subeez and have a drink and chat some more!!!
I miss you guys![/quote]

I'm so glad you guys decided to wait for the fan club party wristbands. It was so much fun hanging out with you guys in line and again the next day with our first class tour of Vancouver provided by Mercury Rising!
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Postby georgygirl on 01 Jun 2007 00:33

Thank you for sharing your feelings about the show.

And for this:
[quote]playing avant-garde twelve-tone hodgepodges of both tunes. [/quote]

To me, sounds cool!

Wildy Pelous!
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Postby GinaSuperCat on 01 Jun 2007 00:54

That line, among others (like 'stride manfully') just about killed me...I can see it now, "Going Atonal: the Police do Schoenberg" <dies laughing>
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Postby Jose on 01 Jun 2007 02:10

Stewart, Last days I expecting a review from you at your "Dinner Tales" and now I am shocked about the title of your post, but as we know your sense of humour your story is so cool...

I don't have the chance to see you boys on live, nowadays my only references will be youtube and the official concert trailer from www.thepolice.com anyway I think your show was superb... I like the stage, the play of lights, the plasma screens, what all you wearing and the main your music!!! That is Amazing!!!

I think you are in the good path of developing a new POLICE style... I mean It is POLICE sound but more charming and that is so cool in a way your new direction satisfied a great target of audience that only have references of classic rock in some survivor bands that plays the same sound and not re-invented themselves like you do right now.

What you said about "Message in a bottle" is the same "Q" I asked myself when I didn't heard clearly your open amazing beats in the time it regularly is, but men you have the badge of authority to do it...you are THE POLICE!!!

Is so bizarre, but you three have that vibe for producing mixing emotions in any chord or beats you managed into an audience forever... is so charm what you did in "Spirits" that Andy little and repetitives chords go inside my head and fill me up.... say Andy his backing vocals was really great on "Message" also the riff... Sting's voice at the end of "Synchronicity II" was superb with those La, ra, li, la, la... and men all what you did on drums with the uptoday tech in sound equipment enhance you to the stars...

As my work is to prophesy THE POLICE ( I did it about your reunion, about a DVD, about your forthcoming Umplugged....) I bet, you will record a new album with this great new mature style... no doubt you will eat the world again... the numbers guide you again... you know "7" is the key for THE POLICE 8)

Hope I could have the chance to see you in PERU, for the very first time... your reunion show is a great new in all peruvian newspapers, peruvian TV news and provoque debates in leaders... POLICE rules PERU!!!

Don't forget, PERU represents with our nowadays social-economic stabillity a safe market for showbusiness and we coverage the north and central side of South America (Andean region - about 170 million people) on the other hand Argentina, Brasil and Chile only coverage the south side of South America.

So take your suitcases ready, to come back to my country, wearing "Chullo" hats, riding "Llamas" in "Machu Picchu - Lost City of the Incas" and you introducing playing "Cajon" on "Walking in your footsteps" at your concert in LIMA ( next to the beach) :wink:

PS: If Andy now plays long riffs, any posibilities you could do a "solo" drum? 8)
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Postby Kim on 01 Jun 2007 03:08


I think you could have played chopsticks and fucked it up and everyone would have loved it, lol! It's a testament to this site and AUI that you were thinking about us (OK, Dietmar!) when you were up there. It's obvious that you appreciate us as much as we appreciate you, and that's gotta be the koolest thing going. And I can't freaking wait until July31!!!!!!!! Rock on man!
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