Happy Walking On The Moon Day

Happy Walking On The Moon Day

Postby Howstupidmrbates on 20 Jul 2021 16:50

Considering today's date I think it's about time we started calling today Walking On The Moon Day.

Who's with me? :)

Interestingly, according to my mother, today is also the day I started walking. Years later my favorite band would record a song called Walking On The Moon. Fate? Destiny?

Makes for a good story anyway.
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Re: Happy Walking On The Moon Day

Postby giovanni on 31 Jul 2021 06:37

Well, it all sounds very interesting... numerology mantra maybe?
Whatever it is, Happy Walking On The Moon day!
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Re: Happy Walking On The Moon Day

Postby ltwoman on 25 Aug 2021 12:28

I’m always late to the party but I give it a second ( or third …). I was 15 that day and it always holds a special memory for me…
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Re: Happy Walking On The Moon Day

Postby 63falcon on 26 Aug 2021 22:44

I was 5 and i remember my Dad & I being glued to our big wooden console black & white TV to watch-amazing!!!
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