STEWART explains why no post-reunion album was made

STEWART explains why no post-reunion album was made

Postby Tamadude on 28 Apr 2020 23:13

Don’t know much about this audio interview, but it’s with STEWART. Therefore, it’s awesome.
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Re: STEWART explains why no post-reunion album was made

Postby ManWithGoodTaste on 02 May 2020 01:50

Human beings are known to lie. And Stewart is a pretty big liar, when he makes stuff up to entertain the audience which gathered to hear an interesting story.

So, I would replace that entire interview with my educated guess.

With the post-Police fame all 3 have gained, neither Stewart, Sting, nor Andy no longer need each other to make whatever music they want. If any of them wants to make something, they can just do it. That is the 1st reason.

But what about collaborations, you might ask? What about being in a band? Surely, when several people chip in, the sum of the parts ends up being way different than your solo act, right? A collaboration would result in something different and arguably more interesting than whatever Stewart can make on his own, right? In that case, I will remind that Stewart is no stranger to collaborations over the years, Gizmodrome being just the latest example. And don't forget Don't Box Me In!

So, my educated guess for reason 2 is rather sad: Stingo does not want to share his jazz maestro writing credit with a lower life form.
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