All things Stewart... and The Police

All things Stewart... and The Police

Postby giovanni on 05 Jan 2020 10:39

Happy New year everybody!

Let’s see what 2020 will bring us in terms of Stewart Copeland, Sting and Andy Summers releases, concerts, public appearances, etc… These three guys are always working, man! Unstoppable! Great!


always on the run, Stewart will play with OYSTERHEAD on various occasions in the first half of 2020 starting from February in Broomfield, USA. Also, there will be many operas for which he wrote the music: SATAN'S FALL, which debuts in February, THE INVENTION OF MOREL, which continues its course, and ELECTRIC SAINT, which debuts in Germany in September. However, the year begins with the broadcasting of ADVENTURES IN MUSIC, a series of documentaries dedicated to the meaning of music, commissioned by the BBC, in which Stewart acts as a 'cicerone' around the world to discover the importance of music in our life. In one of the episodes Stewart will interview Sting. Something special is in the can for the second half of the year, around August and September, soon to be announced!


we already know very well the several Sting’s commitments along the year starting with THE LAST SHIP in the USA until late spring, followed by MY SONGS on tour (Europe and the Residency in LAS VEGAS). The autumn period seems to be in progress (I foresee a publication of something) and then we already know that in the early months of 2021 he will start working again on THE LAST SHIP in London.


news coming soon! New projects for our young 77 year old always in constant work. For now we only know that he will return to play with the CALL THE POLICE project in South America. I guess there will also be a new publication (that’s what the little bird says), but I still do not have the details ... only the best wishes for a Happy New Year from the man himself!

THEORETICALLY, very theoretically, some releases marked THE POLICE could be released in 2020, including a probable 7 "for the Record Store Day in Spring (remember that 2020 celebrates the 40th year of Zenyatta Mondatta) and then the notorious album with outtakes and alternative versions in progress that has not yet been published. Let's see if 2020 is the right year! I have no details at all about it, but I know it’s there…somewhere!

That's all folks!

Happy 2020 |

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Re: All things Stewart... and The Police

Postby ManWithGoodTaste on 05 Jan 2020 12:22

Andy is older than Ritchie Blackmore??!? :shock:
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Re: All things Stewart... and The Police

Postby 63falcon on 07 Jan 2020 19:45

All this news,along with the latest Copeland Guardian interview, is great stuff-team italia truly feeding the Nutter Monster, all good musical nutrition 8) :? thanks as always, Gio
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