2019 Holiday Gift Card Exchange - New Idea and Suggestion

2019 Holiday Gift Card Exchange - New Idea and Suggestion

Postby ManWithGoodTaste on 03 Dec 2019 17:45

In case you are the 1 person who does not know, there used to be a tradition in this here parts, of sending each other winter holiday cards. It grew smaller, and only 5 people (myself included) cared last time.

So, I propose this change:

To grow the number of participants and make it feel less like a chore, how about making it 1 card per person? Some behind the scenes talk is required to make sure everyone gets a card, but everyone can send more than 1 of course.

I already have addresses of 4 people, let's grow the list. Even ONE new person is worth it! If you did not participate last year or the year before, do NOT be afraid to contact me.

P.S. I changed my last name, but it was still nice to receive your card early, Laura.
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