The Snare Heard Around Whole Foods

The Snare Heard Around Whole Foods

Postby zilboy on 10 Apr 2019 01:41

So, I’m in Whole Foods yesterday after work. They usually play pretty cool music, stuff I grew up with. For some reason, the music was hard to hear yesterday. Don’t know if it was louder than usual in the store or if they had just turned the music down. So anyway, I’m not paying much attention to it. Then I hear this killer snare drum. It’s the only thing I can really hear at all. Whatever’s underneath it is muffled. I think, “Dang! That snare is killer!” It sounds so familiar, so I strain my ears and try to block out everything else. Then I finally hear what’s underneath:

[i]Every Little thing she does is magic,
Everything she do just turns me on[i]

That magic BOP! could be heard through the whole store. Nothing else. Everything under it sounded like so much mumbling.

So, of course, Yours Truly is over by the croissants, air drumming like a complete fool.

It almost took the sting out of the grocery bill. Almost.
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