News from the Gizmodrome rehearsals

News from the Gizmodrome rehearsals

Postby giovanni on 19 Feb 2018 09:15

I just came back from the studio where Gizmodrome are rehearsing for their forthcoming tour! the band is really working on something that will please every fan! Stewart on vocals is giving his best and sounds a lot like Klark Kent; he sings, plays the guitar with a great vibe, and then runs to his drumset to play the final part of some of the songs, together with the main drummer of the band.
Such a powerful sound comes out of the speakers, and they all feel like having fun, relaxed, proud of their songs that will blow you away! Power rock, Prog, Reggaeish, everything... I'm sure we will see a great tour!
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Re: News from the Gizmodrome rehearsals

Postby rhoeckel on 19 Feb 2018 16:24

Woohoo, sounds great!
Can't wait for the Aschaffenburg concert.

This week they will be in Rome:
Friday 23rd at 22:00 on Italian Radio Rai 2

and on Thursday 22nd on Italian TV (Rai 3)
Gizmodrome live on OSSIGENO
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