7 yrs ago.........

7 yrs ago.........

Postby irishrose1969 on 17 Aug 2014 22:21

I went on a long adventure that included driving from Alb. NM to Los Angeles CA to meet a certain drummer named
STEWART. On this day, I met up with EQ, Laz, DemoGal (Erin), Mike, and so many other great people on this very special day in my life. (I have not forgotten any of you and are still a very special part of my heart)

It was such an emotional and special day for me. I was a complete crybaby.
Last night as I hung up my poster in its preserved frame on my wall in my new apartment here in Las Vegas NV. I was taken back to this very special moment. Everything leading up to that in store. The Grammy kit set up to the moment that Stewart walked past me before I met him. It was just like it happened yesterday.

I just wanted to say Thank You to everyone who made that day possible. The lifelong friendships that were made as a result of that day. I miss you all and we so need to get together again sometime. (hard with crazy work schedules ect)
Most importantly: Stewart. Thank you for spending time with us all on that wonderful and amazing day. You have made such a huge impact on so many people. Your warmth, generosity and amazing talent have really touched many of our lives. Mine included!!

Much love to all of you. Most have moved on to FB and Twitter. Me too. If You are out there. See you out in social media land.
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It is fun to be on Stewart Copeland's Wall.
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