So uh, I'm in not one, but TWO bands now...

So uh, I'm in not one, but TWO bands now...

Postby Spec A! on 21 Mar 2011 02:55


Just a quick update for those that remember me- I'm now in a RUSH tribute/cover band. Took a while to find the right guitarist, who ended up being the bassist for the Zeppelin Tribute band my RUSH bassist/singer is also the singer for.

Still with me?

So these guys are GOOD, and we've only practiced a handful of times but it's coming along really well. I get an email from them this weekend asking if I would be open to joining their Zep tribute. Their drummer is flaking out and apparently I've made a huge impression on them, enough so that they don't have a doubt as to choosing me. We're going to get together with the Zep guitarist and see how the chemistry is, but I've already got 2/3rds of the band sold...

So I'm most likely going to be in 2 bands, gigging regularly at some major local venues, and holy shit- getting paid pretty decently for it too!

I'm gonna need a new set of drums....

I'll post up some audio/video for those interested when it's ready. :)
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