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STEWART COPELAND - September 6, 2015

4:00 AM  July 17, 2004  Milan  The roar of the show takes about two hours to subside. After the last encore when I run off the stage back to the dressing room, there is still a lot of ritual to perform before the day’s work is done. Shower is crucial immediately. Soaking wet T-shirt turns to ice within seconds of departing the hot stage lights. That’s why your correspondent can sometimes be seen sprinting through the halls backstage in a mad dash to the dressing room to yank the clothes off,...

INCUBUS and the HYBRID Part 2
STEWART COPELAND - September 8, 2015

The gig is actually called “The KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas” and there are eleven bands playing tonight. At the sound-check this afternoon, twelve drum-sets and a hundred tons of amplification are being hustled around the stage by black clad gangs of tattooed roadies. It’s all very professional and good-natured but I still want to run home, rifle through the kid’s toys and see if I can find me some tattoos. Maybe some Polly Pockets or a big Sponge Bob right over my jugular.  The drums and a...

INCUBUS and the HYBRID Part 1
STEWART COPELAND - September 5, 2015

December 13, 2004  Los Angeles  Out of the blue comes an Email from brother Miles saying:  “All confirmed. Rehearsals are next Friday, and your show with Andy Summers and INCUBUS at the KROQ weenie roast will be on Sunday.”  Whaaaat? I dimly remember Miles mentioning something about this, months ago. At the time I said “Wow cool” and then forgot about it.  So I’m thinking about it now (a little panicked) and figure, what the heck? They’re a cool group,...