Not alone

Re: Not alone

Postby TheEqualizer on 31 Jan 2012 01:27

May I have some more please?
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Re: Not alone

Postby Tamadude on 31 Jan 2012 01:40

Not only MORE stories, but ALL stories!

Please and thanks....
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Re: Not alone

Postby conroy on 31 Jan 2012 01:45

More tour stories please and other stuff like the stories you told at Dale's Drum Shop last year. I hope we're going to get an audio book version as well as narrated by the author himself and incidental music by the Burbank dive bar jam band!
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Re: Not alone

Postby Throb on 31 Jan 2012 01:57

We need the "dearrangements" from the Mr. B's sessions which btw is no more. They turned it into a Sports bar, I think it is called the Hollywood Way Bar and Grill now, remodeled the whole place.
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Re: Not alone

Postby Spec A! on 31 Jan 2012 03:41

For all you non drummers out there (and I mean no offense nor disrespect)- I know the prospects of hearing about the behind the scenes tour stuff is AMAZING, but you truly have no idea what an effing dream come true this is for the likes of me and my fellow drummers here. OH MY GOD JEFF TELL THEM ALL, NOW!!!!

Please! :shock: :)

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Re: Not alone

Postby Jose on 31 Jan 2012 04:13

jeffseitz wrote:Ha, Good one smax! What I meant by "tour stories anyone?" was: anyone interested in more? But by all means if anyone wants to post their stories that's cool as well.

I think my storie, lot of "Nutters" knows, but for refreshing the "Tourzilla" watch it that involves Stewart and me (on second 0:33 you could see the green flag into the middle of the audience and...:

Well that is what the screen showed, at the moment Stewart point me, I changed the green flag with my giant Peruvian Flag with black letters into the white side "Jose from Peru is here supporting The Police" (Stewart recognized it, cause when I showed at backstage) but I risk it movement, because previously (at the beginning of the concert minute 1) some Chilean fan behind me snatched my giant Peruvian Flag from the hands of another Peruvian fan who beared my flag instead of me (Because I carry on my shoulders a Chilean fan kid, who beared at that precise moment the Green Flag) the result was some fans fall down and a girl had a black out, at the same time I heard that Peruvian fan shout to the Chilean to return my Peruvian Flag, and the rest of the audience next to me too :oops: :roll: So, when I got back my flag I put it into my backpack until the end, when I saw Stewart is next to the microphone to shout me in front of 50,000 Chilean fans, So at that moment I decided to made another risk movement I changed the green flag with my hidden Peruvian Flag (obviously I asked permission to the fans back to me) :oops: :P :lol: 8) but this story is more long and complicated, thats one of the things I didn't have time to tell Stewart (I said to him: "Ohhh Stewart is a long story" - I mean my long way to be there) and it really initiate at the middle of 2006, when I had a dream with my pass away lovely grandma who literally said me on dreams "You need to go to Chile", at that time I had a fever attitude to post here and on other forums that "The Police" will reunite and lot of members call me crazy, insane and idiot, but I don't imagine that The Police will reunite as soon as I predicted...Why my Grandma told me to go to Chile? At that moment I didn't know why, because my grandma born into Peruvian territory occupied by Chilean Army Force, after the war between Peru & Chile, then that territory return to Peru but not a big extension in the south, and as you imagine I grow with real bad stories about that war episode ( in some words Peruvians and Chileans were enemies ) So, why I chose Chile instead of Argentina and Brazil for being at The Police Reunion Tour? I think because of my grandma dream... But previous, during and after the concert I met great Chilean fans and perhaps thats why my grandma told me on dreams for not having any revenge or hate to other people... Yeah I had a risk with my flag - instead of a Flag Battle it was the discovering of peace light... that's why that show with my lovely rock band was simply magic... and all was on "Synchronicity" to happened in that way, I also met Danny Quatrochi into the backstage twice and an Andy's Assistant too, I mean I had the chance to said to them for making the chance to met Sting and Andy too, but I was totally focused on Stewart, and him was really superb, simple and friendly... I discovered on him a great rock star and human being... and at least his shout and point to me...all the dreams came real, thats why all it turns magic...Thanks Grandma - God Really exist! 8)
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Re: Not alone

Postby ltwoman on 31 Jan 2012 10:05

smax wrote:thanks jeff, really interesting.

stories? erm, i threw up onstage at rock garden once. That was unpleasant and entirely my fault.
other ones about touring in germany but most of those i can't talk about for moral reasons and most of them involve paul young and/or prostitutes.

i had to play drums for about 25 minutes at a boney-m gig once (i'm a bass player) the whole thing was a fucking nightmare. some crazy german guy screaming at me 'cos i was not familiar with most of their songs. heh heh.

smax, you have always been known to spin a really good tale also... This one was almost a coffee-spewed-on-keyboard moment.

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Re: Not alone

Postby zilboy on 31 Jan 2012 17:20

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Re: Not alone

Postby empty on 31 Jan 2012 22:19


I'm sure if you write it here, in a book, wherever, we will voraciously chase it down and read it.

I'll take a eBook for portability, a hardcover for signing, and an audio book for giggling while driving.

I am available for transcribing as well :)
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Re: Not alone

Postby Divemistress of the Dark on 01 Feb 2012 04:13

Plus, between a whole bunch of Nutters we have you covered for jacket design/cover art, proofreading and editing, and web design....what have you got to lose? :D
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Re: Not alone

Postby jerseyfan on 01 Feb 2012 04:28

jeff, I look forward to reading more.

Your story reminds me that Stewart destroyed his snare during the RR Hall of Fame performance of EBYT.

Check this out at 8:26.
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Re: Not alone

Postby stevel on 01 Feb 2012 09:20

Blimey Yes please Jeff in spades!
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Re: Not alone

Postby English-lion on 01 Feb 2012 21:55

smax wrote: some crazy german guy screaming at me 'cos i was not familiar with most of their songs. heh heh.

was that phaty????

8) 8) 8) Jose it's a lovely story 8) 8)

Sir Jeff : MORE pleases'
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Re: Not alone

Postby Jose on 02 Feb 2012 15:33

English-lion wrote: 8) 8) 8) Jose it's a lovely story 8) 8)
Sir Jeff : MORE pleases'

Yeah, and how great and powerful thoughts plus great vibes mix it to happen something magic and unique 8)
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Re: Not alone

Postby IndyGirl on 02 Feb 2012 23:05

Looking forward to more tour stories, Jeff!
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